TikTok therapist Jeff Guenther and MTV ‘Challenge’ star Sarah Rice, AMFT share mental health tools on ‘This Changes Everything’

Health & Fitness September 16, 2022
This Changes Everything
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Wave Podcast Network presents “This Changes Everything,” a mental health podcast where no topic is off limits. If you’re struggling, feeling stressed, or overwhelmed in the ever-changing world, you’re not alone with these human experiences.

Hosted by the popular TikTok therapist Jeff Guenther, LPC (@TherapyJeff) and MTV Challenge star Sarah Rice, AMFT, tune in for advice, self-help offerings from their professionally-trained toolboxes, and more. They’ll share from their personal experiences when covering relationships, happiness, mental health, sex, family, and more to help you “thrive in the maddening, beautiful hellscape that is life.”

Stream the podcast’s episodes in any order, focusing on standalone topics. The average episode runs less than an hour each. Jeff will share lists similar to his TikTok content on topics like “9 Completely Normal Things That Don’t Have to Be a Red Flag in a Relationship.”

The hosts hope you’ll think “This Changes Everything” after listening to episodes that could help you release toxic beliefs, learn to overcome challenges, and sometimes just laugh it out with the hosts’ irreverence and wit.

An episode explored the gamut of emotions and explained why it’s okay to deeply feel your feelings. Jeff spoke about his recent breakup, and Sarah shared that “grief helps you explore more of the human experience” in all aspects of life. Jeff unpacked a therapy approach called the Internal Family Systems Model. Sarah explained why it’s useful to find where and how you identify specific feelings in your body.

Other episodes discuss navigating narcissism, dating as an adult, creating love for yourself and others, and more. There’s an episode all about expressing wants and needs in healthy relationships. The co-hosts shared advice on what to do if you and your partner have completely different wants and needs.

Fans of “More Than A Feeling” and “Therapy for Black Girls” might also enjoy “This Changes Everything.” Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘This Changes Everything’

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