Jillian Turecki offers self-help tools to cultivate healthier relationships on ‘Jillian on Love’

Society & Culture September 29, 2022
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Certified relationship coach, teacher, writer, and TikTok creator Jillian Turecki offers tools for cultivating healthier and more satisfying relationships. If you’re healing from heartbreak, building a better sense of self, breaking dysfunctional patterns, seeking tips to choose better partners, and more, “Jillian on Love” unpacks these sorts of topics in weekly episodes.

Stream the series in any order with topical episodes running less than an hour. Jillian is “on a mission to teach people how to completely transform their love life” and tells listeners to start “by addressing the relationship you have with yourself.” To learn more about Jillian’s life and work, start the podcast from episode 1.

Listeners of “This Changes Everything,” “Therapy for Black Girls,” and “The One You Feed” might also enjoy “Jillian on Love.”

In episodes, Jillian’s insight and gentle approach to topics are longer-form versions of her TikTok content. Jillian recently broke down why you might be continuously attracted to unavailable people and detailed topics like why people settle for less than what they deserve, why folks might find healthy partners boring, and more. Jillian shared insight on stopping the cycle in relationships and “situations” to help listeners find future, healthy, and reciprocal love. 

In another episode, Jillian shared the #1 issue she helps clients with – self-sabotage. Jillian also discussed how stress affects relationships and the role it plays in inadvertently destroying connections. She offered additional recommendations and resources for coping with trauma and growing healthier relationships.

Ending relationships can be tricky, and as a result, many people suffer from regret, financial burdens, single parenting, or other challenges in its aftermath. Jillian shared 7 helpful questions to ask yourself before ending a relationship if you’re feeling unhappy.

“Jillian on Love” is presented by QCODE. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Jillian on Love’

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