John Lee Dumas chats with Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, and more on ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’

Business December 29, 2021
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John Lee Dumas of EOFire presents “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” a career-oriented podcast filled with professional advice, tools, and life tips. Listen in as host/coach/entrepreneur John is joined by guests to share how-tos on topics like passive income, sales, influence, buying businesses without using your own cash, tech leadership, and more. Previous guests have included Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk, just to name a few popular and widely-successful guests.

With over 3,000 daily episodes and counting, John has built a media empire with his projects including “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” garnering one million+ listeners per month and over 3,500 reviews on Apple Podcasts. Episodes range from 20 minutes to an hour long, and feel free to tune in to standalone episodes in any order.

John has excellent insight in the business world and uses his expertise to ask his guests pertinent questions and opens the conversations to more than business and finance. In a recent episode, John was joined by Avery Akkineni to discuss NFTs and shared recommendations for first-timers joining the community. CEO of DNAfit and CEO of Prenetics International, Avi Lasarow, explained how he ramped up his company’s earnings to $100+ million during the pandemic.

In the explosive growth episode, John chats with Jonathan Gelardi about time management, believing in yourself, and trusting your opinions. Crumbl Cookies’ founders Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley discussed how they built their brand and acquired a cult following while growing their franchise since 2017.

On the peak performance episode, John explored how to use fear and vulnerability to your advantage, surrendering to things that challenge your skills. Another episode unpacked how to boost your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health with guest Allison Melody. If you’re wondering about getting a virtual assistant, an episode talked with The Virtual Hub’s CEO Barbara Turley on how her startup business booms and helps countless professionals in digital marketing. In November 2021, John chatted with Chad Willardson about what money skills kids should understand before they reach adulthood.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, Michael Stein from “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” shared that he enjoys learning from practical podcasts like “Entrepreneurs on Fire.”

John published the 17-step financial guide, The Common Path to Uncommon Success, for fans of Think and Grow Rich. On his blog, John offers resources to start a podcast or launch your own business idea.

Check out new, daily episodes of “Entrepreneurs on Fire” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’

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