Our paws are all over this one: join dog walks with Alexandra Horowitz, guests, and their pets on ‘Off Leash’

Society & Culture May 23, 2022
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Calling all dog parents and animal lovers! From Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher comes “Off Leash,” hosted by dog-cognition expert, scientist, and bestselling author (Inside of a Dog), Alexandra Horowitz. Hear about the joyous, curious, and scruff-tastic world of dogs as Alexandra invites an interesting person and their dog for a walk each episode. They’ll see where the route takes them, through action and adventures, and fill listeners in along the way.

Alexandra runs a lab studying dog cognition, observing local dogs’ behavior, and their humans’ interactions. She’s fascinated by dogs and their experiences – how they perceive the world around them and what it means for humans to own dogs. Can dogs demonstrate heroism? These are just some of the informatively fun and furry topics “Off Leash” digs into.

Feel free to start “Off Leash” in any order with guest- and topic-specific episodes. So far, the episodes run less than 40 minutes on average, and y’all can look forward to weekly updates. “Off Leash” is equally about humans, dogs, and living with other animals. This series honors the curiosity and appreciation we hold for animals and how they can inspire us.

Episode 1 explored dogs’ sense of smell and how they’re such “creatures of the nose.” This episode shares what they can smell and what humans can “learn about smelling by following them.” Alexandra was joined by a detection-dog handler and a food critic to discuss olfaction.

Actress Isabella Rossellini is so fond of animals, she received a Master’s Degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation. While she was studying, she purchased land and created her own farm on the south shore of Long Island. That’s where Alexandra headed on the second episode to meet with Rossellini, her dogs, chickens, bees, and a sheep named Frida Kahlo.

They unpacked what dogs know about their names, if there’s any scientific explanation behind naming fur babies, and if their names mean anything to them. They also chatted with a bunch of folks at a local dog park.

Upcoming episodes will interview Alexandra’s friends, dog scientists from around the world, and more formidable guests. If you’re a frequent listener of any “Freakonomics Radio” podcasts, you might recognize Alexandra’s future guests. In episode 1, Alexandra put some “Freakonomics” hosts on the spot for a scent test.

“Off Leash” is a serious bundle of joy! We cannot contain our enthusiasm for dog content and recommend this series for fans of “Dog Edition” and “Can I Pet Your Dog.” Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Off Leash’

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