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Society & Culture May 5, 2022
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“Vanishing Postcards” is a snapshot of Americana, taking listeners on a road trip to explore hidden gems, traditions, and histories found after exiting Texas’ interstates. This travelogue shares spots and experiences left out of your average travel guide or website recommendation list. And when these places vanish, the towns lose a fine slice of history and culture.

“Vanishing Postcards” is heartwarming and humorous, as host Evan Stern visits places like mom-and-pop stores, restaurants, and cultural touchstones dwindling by the day. Evan learns how they started, the memories they’ve etched in their spaces, and how they survive in the fast-paced economic climate alongside larger businesses or chains.

Since 2020, the series has released 20 episodes we’d recommend streaming in order from episode 1. From Galveston to The Hill Country’s peach harvest and The Rio Grande Valley’s dance halls and more, Evan’s podcast is an enlightening journey with episodes less than 35 minutes each.

Episode 1 kicked off with $3 beers in a hidden dive, West Austin’s Dry Creek Café. Listeners meet Angel, 1 out of the 3 bartenders who have worked there since 1953. We heard about the infamous bartender, Sarah, whose obituary named her the “the meanest bartender in Austin.” They swapped stories, and Evan learned that author Ken Roberts once drank there and heard Bobby Earl Smith’s murder ballad inspired by the place.

Texas has honky-tonks, and Evan visited one called Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar to chat with the bartenders, locals, and musicians.

Episode 5 explored museums’ contributions to history, culture, and heritage and stopped by The Billy The Kid Museum in Hico, The Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemarata in Austin, and Houston’s Museum of Funeral History.

“Vanishing Postcards” is a great alternative to traveling without taking a road trip. Tune in for all episodes, now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Vanishing Postcards’

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