Historian Jon Meacham is bringing pivotal moments in history straight to our ears with these 4 podcasts

History December 29, 2021

Winston Churchill once stated, “The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope.” Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author Jon Meacham reflects on this quotation and shares insight in an assortment of stellar C13Originals podcasts for listeners to learn more about the past.

Meacham unpacks historical milestones, the nation’s challenges, and more in series ranging from sports speeches to observing political events through a historical lens. There are two speech podcasts hoping to inspire listeners with profound ideas and potentially find hope in times of uncertainty.

Scroll down to check out our guide to Jon Meacham podcasts:

Hope, Through History

Listen to ‘Hope, Through History’

“Hope, Through History” spotlights pivotal moments in American history and how the nation is impacted by and deals with trying times. Now in its second season, Meacham will bring listeners through the Battle of Gettysburg, FDR and Churchill’s path to war, AIDS relief plans, the Lusitania’s sinking, Bloody Sunday, and the Voting Rights Act. Season 1 covered the Polio epidemic, FDR and The Great Depression, and JFK and The Cuban Missile Crisis, just to name a few topics. Episodes run under an hour long.

It Was Said

Listen to ‘It Was Said’

“It Was Said” shares 10 powerfully impactful speeches, selected by Meacham for Season 1. Authors, journalists, historians, and more will share context and pertinent information to each speech. Listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s last speech, Robert Kennedy’s eulogy after MLK Jr.’s assassination, President Obama’s Charleston Sermon after the massacre at Emanuel AME Church, Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address, and more. The average length of episodes is 42 minutes.

It Was Said: Sports

Listen to ‘It Was Said: Sports’

From Audacy’s C13Originals comes the 6-episode historical series, “It Was Said: Sports.” Listen to this series written by Jon Meacham as host and NBA legend Doc Rivers guides listeners through inspiring speeches from sports figures. Hear from Billie Jean King in 2017, Muhammad Ali’s Vietnam War protest in 1967, and Tim Tebow’s 2008 “The Promise” speech. Episodes feature Hank Aaron’s 1982 Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Fox NFL Sunday analyst Al Michaels, ESPN commentator/analyst Michael Wilbon, MLB legend/Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker, and football coach Urban Meyer. Check out all episodes running under 30 minutes long.

Fate of Fact

Listen to ‘Fate of Fact’

“Fate of Fact” investigates how “fear conquered truth, the history and origins of the strong grip misinformation and disinformation on our politics, and how we got here today.” Meacham is joined by guests to explore these ideas, Donald Trump’s presidency, and looks at the January 6th Capitol riot through a historical lens. All five episodes of Season 1 are under 32 minutes long and are now streaming.


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