Civil rights lawyer Josh Newville investigates unsolved missing persons cases on ‘Simply Vanished’

True Crime October 9, 2022
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In 2002, popular college student Joshua Guimond was last seen leaving a party on Saint John’s University’s campus in Collegeville, MN, a 3-minute walk from his dorm. He has been missing ever since. On Trembling Leaf Media’s “Simply Vanished,” host and civil rights lawyer Josh Newville investigates unsolved missing person cases. Unexplained disappearances have haunted Newville, so he hopes to learn new information and find answers on this podcast.

This series shares who the people were before they vanished, discusses what could have happened to them, and explores why the cases have gone unsolved. The episodes will be released in serial and episodic formats to stream in chronological order from each case’s start.

Newville heads back to November 9, 2022 to track Guimond’s final, known moments. We learn more about Guimond’s story, life, world views, and dreams. Episode 3 reveals what a forensic examination found on Guimond’s computer, leading investigators to burrow through several rabbit holes. Newville explores several theories including an accidental drowning, Guimond’s whereabouts after the card party, and potential links to a sex abuse scandal.

Josh Guimond’s father is still searching for answers and recently asked the courts to release their files from the investigation’s early days. The father’s attorney, Mike Padden, pointed to Jacob Wetterling‘s kidnapping 13 years before that was handled by the same law enforcement at Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, (who investigated Guimond’s case).

The county fumbled with Wetterling’s investigation and let the perpetrator – a pedophile who left behind evidence like footprints and tire tracks – walk free for years until the FBI was brought on the case. Wetterling’s case was extensively covered on the podcast, “In the Dark.

Padden is asking for the files’ immediate release. Stearns County denied the formal request, and now, they are headed to court. The county claims releasing new information could compromise the case since it still open.

In 2022, Josh founded Trembling Leaf Media and created this podcast which fans of “Up and Vanished” and “In The Dark” might also enjoy. Tune in for new, semimonthly episodes of “Simply Vanished.”

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