‘Good Guys’ Josh Peck & Ben Soffer interview guests like Hilary Duff and Neal Brennan

Society & Culture March 10, 2023
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Dear Media presents “Good Guys,” a fun-filled series hosted by actor/writer Josh Peck and influencer Ben Soffer. In weekly episodes, they’re joined by guests like actors, comedians, and more from the ‘biz. The co-hosts also get candid about their personal lives and careers.

Peck was a child actor on iconic TV shows like The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. He has been in several TV shows and films since then. Soffer founded the beverage company, Spritz Society.

Past episodes have included guests like comedian/actor/”TigerBelly” podcaster Bobby Lee, YouTuber Cody Ko, and comedian Claudia Oshry who is also Soffer’s partner. Stream the series’ 20+ episodes in any order, and the average one runs less than an hour. The co-hosts also dive into current events like best Super Bowl snacks, Coachella memories, what happened when they attended Burning Man, and what’s going on with Ozempic craze.

Hilary Duff joined a recent episode to chat about her current life and past as the Disney icon, Lizzie McGuire. Duff spoke about if she has plans to return to music, dished on personal stories, talked about her family, and moving on from playing Lizzie. She loved discussing favorite foods, her adoration for sodium, dairy, and more tasty treats. Peck and Duff shared stories from working together on How I Met Your Father and A Cinderella Story.

Comedian/writer/actor/producer Neal Brennan stopped by to talk about Hollywood fame, “Pickleball Ponzi Schemes,” TV reboots, ayahuasca, and what Neal calls Sunday sugar day. Brennan also hosts the podcast “The Blocks Podcast” to chat with guests about their creative journeys and rising above challenges. On this episode, Soffer shared why he appeared on Jordan Belfort’s podcast “The Wolf’s Den.”

Video versions of podcast episodes are often available on Josh Peck‘s YouTube channel. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Good Guys’

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