‘Teen Mom 2’ fan favorite Kail Lowry’s new podcast ‘Barely Famous’ features real, raw conversations with friends, exes, and celebrities

Society & Culture March 25, 2022
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Influencer, author, and fan favorite of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Kail Lowry hosts her new PodcastOne show “Barely Famous.” In it, she’s speaking with friends, exes, influencers, celebrities, and more about the awkward, uncomfortable, and very, very real. This new podcast has been topping the charts since its release in February, so we had to check it out.

If you are looking for some good old fashioned drama and a hearty dose of reality, “Barely Famous” has it in spades. So far, episodes have been a full 90 minutes of Kail and her guests being real, raw, and vulnerable. Only a few episodes have dropped so far, but they’ve certainly made a splash.

If you don’t know who Kail is, she was first featured on the second season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and starred in Teen Mom 2. She’s definitely had a go of it: on 16 and Pregnant we learned that she had been abandoned by her mother and had to move in with her 17-year-old boyfriend, Jo Rivera, and his family. Teen Mom 2 is where she really got to shine as MTV followed up on her and three other women from her season of 16 and Pregnant. She quickly became one of America’s favorite moms and is now a New York Times best-selling author, social media influencer, and mother of four.

“Barely Famous” is not her only podcast, either. She also hosts two other wildly popular PodcastOne shows, “Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley” and “Baby Mamas No Drama with Kail Lowry & Vee Rivera.” This new show is where Kail seems to really be giving people what they want: dispelling rumors, defusing drama, and showing people the ugly truth behind some relationships.

Her first episode is with none other than musician and ex-boyfriend Rico Hundo. The two met on the dating show Game of Clones, with Hundo ending up as Kail’s final pick despite her friend’s warnings that he was far too similar to her other exes for this relationship to work. Despite being exes, Kail still considers Rico a friend despite blocking him on social media for posts she found offensive. She holds him to high heat, asking him difficult questions about why he holds the opinions he does. They discuss misogyny, the concept of being shallow, the different standards set against men and women when it comes to their sexual lifestyles, and more. While Kail does inform Rico that she’s not letting anything slide, Rico is a good sport and takes the heat well.

She’s also chatted with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and their mutual friend (to keep the peace) about their relationship. They talk about fights they’ve had, realizations they’ve come to, and issues they continue to have with each other. While those may be the two most heated episodes of this podcast (although, who’s to say?), her episode with longtime friend Keith Wilson Jr. was the opposite. They talk about the rumors swirling around them, their first impressions of each other when they met in college, and how their relationship has evolved over the years.

While this podcast may not be for everyone, “Barely Famous” is courageous and vulnerable. Kail isn’t afraid of anything or anyone, made obvious by this podcast. While Kail has been putting herself out in the world for people to freely judge her for years now, she certainly couldn’t care less what anyone thinks, and it’s pretty refreshing. Be sure to check out “Barely Famous.”

Listen to ‘Barely Famous’

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