Keir Simmons examines the Prince’s life on ‘Born to Rule: When Charles Is King’

Society & Culture September 8, 2022
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2022 marked Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year as Queen of the United Kingdom, celebrated at the Platinum Jubilee. At 96 years old, she was an icon, revered as the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, and we’re remembering the royal family with podcasts like “Born to Rule: When Charles is King.”

While the world is celebrating the icon, the British royals are prepping for Prince Charles to become King and replace his mother. Now at 73 years old, Prince Charles has been waiting his entire life for this moment that he was destined for.

On “Born to Rule: When Charles is King,” NBC’s Keir Simmons chats with journalists and royal insiders who have followed Prince Charles over the years and can help the public learn more about the next king. Stream this series from episode 1 with episodes running less than 45 minutes on average.

It’s almost Charles’ moment to shine, but there’s a fair amount of apprehension as the switch approaches. Will Prince Charles adequately take over for his mom? Are people going to accept him? How does the monarchy fit in modern times? These are some of the questions this podcast will explore.

Episode 2, titled “The Prince Who Talked to Flowers,” shares how the public has perceived Prince Charles for years. Known as an eccentric character just a bit out of touch with average life, his hobbies included watercolor painting and gardening all while living the extravagant, royal life.

Prince Charles also spearheaded sustainable living initiatives for over 50 years. While some of his ideas were originally dismissed, they were perceptive for the future. This episode examines if Prince Charles turned out this way because of his background. How will Prince Charles translate all of this when he becomes King Charles?

We recommend “Born to Rule: When Charles is King” for fans of “Dynasty by Vanity Fair,” “Royally Obsessed,” “Pod Save the Queen,” and “When Diana Met…” – just to name a few of our own favorites.

Check out new episodes of “Born to Rule: When Charles is King” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Born to Rule: When Charles Is King’

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