Therapist Kelley Bonner offers actionable tools to manage everyday stressors on ‘Black Girl Burnout’

Health & Fitness February 25, 2023
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Licensed therapist Kelley Bonner wants to help Black women manage everyday stressors and offers tools to cope on “Black Girl Burnout.” It’s rough out there, and many women feel overwhelmed, undervalued, and inundated with responsibilities. On the podcast, Bonner brings over fifteen years of experience to help listeners tackle life issues like burnout. In her therapy practice and on the podcast, Bonner helps individuals and companies “transform, evolve, and heal burnout.”

In weekly episodes that run less than 20 minutes on average, Bonner covers different types of burnout – from career burnout and relationship burnout to “how racism and sexism contribute to the acceleration of burnout.” Since 2021, the podcast has been going strong with two seasons and over 80 episodes that can be streamed in any order. Start the multi-part episodes like “Opt Into Wellness” and “The Opt-Out Is A Discipline and Not A Destination” from the beginning.

Bonner’s actionable advice offers new skills we can apply to everyday life and choose to opt into or opt out of. She’s sharing tools, practices, relief strategies, and encourages listeners to tap into their intuitions to become more connected to oneself and everything around.

There are episodes on healing, clarity, pursuing adventure, abundance, community, forgiveness, hard work, and joyful living. Recent episodes shared how to reduce time procrastinating, spending more time on self-care, and opting out of being tired.

On the “Opt Out of Busy & Bothered” episode, Bonner shared that many Black women “travel along the journey of welcoming abundance.” She said fear is one limiting factor, and perhaps “the root of why many Black Women are constantly keeping themselves busy and bothered.” She emphasized the importance of taking frequent breaks and listening to your body when you need to rest.

We think fans of “Therapy for Black Girls” and “The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema” will also enjoy “Black Girl Burnout.” Check out new weekly episodes on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

Listen to ‘Black Girl Burnout’

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