Longtime ESPN host Kenny Mayne blends sports culture, entertainment, politics, and more on ‘Hey Mayne’

Sports July 1, 2022
Listen to ‘Hey Mayne’

ESPN host and Podsauce guest Kenny Mayne has a new podcast we’re psyched about. On “Hey Mayne” Kenny chats about sports culture, entertainment, comedy, music, politics, and so much more. Mayne shared, “You’ve probably never heard of a show described quite like this.” And that’s fine by us, as we’ll be tuning in for his curious conversations with athletes, musicians, writers, celebrities he briefly encountered, folks who inspire him, some of his good friends, and people he wishes he knew more about.

On the weekly podcast, we’re looking forward to hearing Mayne’s interviews. At ESPN, Mayne’s longform interviews lasted 4 minutes, but now, Mayne is diving deeper with fascinating guests. In the trailer, Mayne said, “I want to ask guests not just about their work, but who they are. I want to know what people were like in kindergarten. Because I think who you were then is basically who you are today.”

Upcoming guests include former NBA player Jamal Crawford, sports journalist Jemele Hill, author Sarah Kendzior, sports commentator Chris Berman, screenwriter/director/actor/musician Christopher Guest, and actor/comedian Ben Schwartz – just to name a few.

Mayne lends his wit and gift of gab to “Hey Mayne.” “It’s very experimental what we’re trying to pull off here,” said Mayne. “I will speak into a microphone, as will my guest, and someone will record what we say. Then the whole thing will be presented in a form we’ll call ‘a podcast.'”

Mayne is a sports media personality who worked for ESPN from 1994 to 2021. He hosted “Kenny Mayne’s Wider World of Sports” on ESPN.com, made weekly contributions to Sunday NFL Countdown with his weekly “Mayne Event” segment, and served as a SportsCenter anchor – part of several Emmy-winning teams. Plus, he starred in “Mayne Street,” a comedy about life at ESPN.

To hear from Mayne, check out our interview where he dishes on the odd jobs he landed prior to ESPN and more.

“Hey Mayne” drops June 30 from Audacy’s sports podcast studio, 2400Sports. Tune in weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Hey Mayne’

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