Back and better than ever, ‘Kermode & Mayo’s Take’ is the new home for the iconic film & TV critics and all of their hot takes

TV & Film May 15, 2022
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You know ’em, you love ’em – film critics/podcast hosts Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have a new home with “Kermode & Mayo’s Take.” Now with the Somethin’ Else network, which has brought us podcasts like “Power: Don King” and “The Immaculate Deception,” Kermode and Mayo are back bringing us the freshest reviews in film every Friday.

Not much has changed with these two, except that this new podcast is bigger and better. It’s not just movies anymore (although, it’s still a lot about movies); they’re talking about TV shows, music, and more. They aren’t just limiting it to entertainment, these two are going full podcasters, talking about the newest going-ons in their lives, sharing stories, and swapping dad jokes.

Their first guess, believe it or not, was actor Tom Hiddleston who was on to talk all about his new Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent. In this 2-hour episode (it’s not all Hiddleston), they also talk about the newest Marvel film Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, the new music documentary film This Much I Know To Be True, and Netflix’s new series Clark. They’re also chatting about Cabaret‘s 50th anniversary along with some foreign films and much more.

In their subscriber-exclusive episodes, you can hear new segments like “Mark and Simon Spoil Everything,” which seems self-explanatory, and “One Frame Back,” where they take a new releases and look at related work in greater depth. You can also hear longer interviews with guests like Tom Hiddleston and more on these exclusive episodes (found at

If you’ve been wondering where these two have gone for the past month, don’t you worry. “Kermode & Mayo’s Take” is the ultimate Kermode and Mayo experience. Get recommendations from two of the best in the business and delight in hours of their banter. Don’t miss out on new episodes coming every Friday.

Listen to ‘Kermode & Mayo’s Take’

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