Kid Fury and Crissle humorously spill the tea on ‘The Read’

Comedy September 1, 2021
The Read
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From Loud Speakers Network comes “The Read,” a comedic podcast hosted by bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle. On weekly episodes, the hosts share pop culture news and stories from their lives.

Kid Fury and Crissle are friends based in New York City. The show doubles as a therapeutic space to talk honestly. The hosts hold nothing back when dishing, sharing their opinions, “throwing shade,” and “spilling the tea.” On their site, the hosts explain that only Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are safe from any critiques, because as far as they’re concerned, they’re the only queens.

Crissle is a writer who was also featured on the show Drunk History. Her writings have appeared in Buzzfeed, ESSENCE, Slate, The Washington Post, and more. Kid Fury is a YouTuber and blogger. He also performs stand up comedy. The duo turned their podcast into a TV show for Fuse in 2019. When they first started the show as a fun project, they had no idea they would be able to monetize it. They didn’t have a plan for “The Read,” per se, and took a leap of faith.

In the recent episode, “Hog Wash,” the hosts unpack what their experiences were like in their 20s. They share super-highs and trashy moments, enjoying the unique times that shaped their lives. When Kid Fury moved to NYC, he said he could always move home if his plan didn’t work out. He tried as many things as possible to figure out what worked. In his late 20s, he realized he needed to pay more attention to “adulting” and finding his groove. He said he’s still in the process of figuring it out, and is trying his best to learn more. Crissle was so stressed in her 20s and worked looooooong hours. She said she experienced culture shock when moving to NYC. Crissle is glad she didn’t break down and leave at her lowest points, and had a list of back-up plans with a time frame to get her career up-and-running.

In episodes, the hosts celebrate Black excellence. The hosts gave major props to Olympians in a recent episode, giving props to track and field superstar Allyson Felix, who has snagged 11 Olympic medals to date. She is the greatest medal-winning female Olympian ever in Track and Field. Kid Fury spoke about Sifan Hassan who won a gold medal even after falling during the race. #Winning. Other hot topics in this episode look at Forbes‘ top earners’ list. Rihanna is now a billionaire, as reported by Forbes, with $1.7 billion dollars in the bank. Besides music, she’s an entrepreneur, too! The hosts read her company, Fenty Beauty, is worth $2.8 billion. Rihanna also owns a lingerie line, among other business endeavors. Go, Rihanna, go!

The hosts shared their take on WizKid’s new song feat. Justin Bieber & Tems. Spoiler alert: they’re not the biggest fans of this collab.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

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