Kim Kardashian hits the podcasting scene with ‘The System: The Case of Kevin Keith,’ investigating a triple homicide from 1994

True Crime October 11, 2022
Listen to ‘Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith’

Kim Kardashian hops on the podcasting bandwagon with her new true crime series on Spotify, and this season, she’s covering Kevin Keith’s case. In 1994, Kevin was charged with a triple homicide in Bucyrus, Ohio. Authorities believed Kevin shot 3 victims to retaliate against an informant in a drug arrest.

Kevin received a death sentence that was reduced to a life sentence without parole. Kevin has been in prison for 28 years alongside many inmates on death row.

Many believe Kevin has been wrongfully convicted, including his brother, Charles. He and his family members have worked tirelessly to reevaluate Kevin’s case. On the podcast, Kim and her team will closely examine this case, ask pertinent questions, and investigate the legal system that stands by the ubiquitous concept, “innocent until proven guilty.” The series will go behind the scenes of the legal process, present information, allow listeners to decide whether Kevin had a fair chance at trial, and if they also believe his innocence.

Stream the 8-part podcast from episode 1 to hear the complete, shocking, and sometimes unbelievable story unfold. Episodes clock in under 45 minutes on average. Over the last few years, Kim has rallied for criminal justice reform and passed the “Baby Bar Exam.”

Kim first learned about Kevin when she was on Family Feud and the show’s producer, Lori Rothschild, told her about the case she had extensively researched. Kim was immediately interested in taking a deeper look into this possible wrongful conviction. On the podcast, Lori joins Kim to deep-dive into the case, bring attention to Kevin’s story, and share what cracks lie in the criminal justice system.

In this series, Kim and her team spoke with people from all sides of the case. In episode 1, Kim shares reasons why she believes Keith is innocent including the lack of physical evidence connecting him to the crime, an all-white jury (Keith is Black), and the possibility of a different suspect. The second episode unpacks Kevin’s alibi that night, and the team combed through police records, witness statements, and more. This episode also shares a victim statement.

For more information about the case, Spotify has compiled a resource page filled with court documents, visual aids, and a variety of other materials from the case.

Tune in Mondays for new episodes on Spotify.

Listen to ‘Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith’

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