Kimberly and Katie dish on true crime TV with ‘A Date with Dateline’

True Crime August 25, 2021
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“A Date with Deadline” is a semiweekly podcast by hosts and true crime TV experts, Kimberly and Katie. The NBC Deadline fanatics vigilantly watch every episode, recap their favorites, and dig into classics on the podcast. Since 2017, Kimberly and Katie have released over 250 episodes.

It’s Always the Husband‘s” Sarah and Megan selected “A Date with Dateline” as one of their favorite true crime podcasts on Podsauce’s Episode 7. The hosts’ jovial conversational nature is similar to Kimberly and Katie’s approach. Both sets of hosts sound like they’re catching up at their favorite bar’s happy hour following COVID protocols.

In a recent airing, Katie and Kimberly recapped a Dateline episode that originally premiered on February 27, 2015. This episode giddies up and heads to Texas for a story reported by journalist Andrea Canning.

What happened when gunshots were heard outside Kaufman County’s courthouse? Mark Hasse, a high-profile prosecutor was murdered. Everyone ran to the windows and watched their colleague grapple with the assailant before getting shot. The shooter jumped into a getaway car and sped away. No one saw the shooter’s face, as it was shrouded in a black face mask and hoodie. But eyewitnesses reported Mark’s last spoken words were, “No, I’m sorry,” before getting shot. So, it seemed personal.

Various theories were investigated, including gangs, drug lords, and white supremacist organizations, since these were the sorts of cases Mark tackled. But these leads ran dry and zero suspects were identified.

A few months later, district attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, were murdered in their home.

Connections were drawn and a suspect was taken into custody. Hosts Katie and Kimberly unpack the life of the murderer who pleaded not guilty. Listeners learn the murderer was a disgruntled judge and former attorney, Eric Williams. He sought revenge on the prosecutor and district attorney after his trial for theft and burglary. Eric was previously fired from his job and disbarred. The trial took a toll on him, and he thought the case, prosecuted by Mike and Mark was an example of justice gone wrong. He went to jail. At the time of the killings, Eric was on probation.

In the episode, we learn Eric’s wife aided and abetted by driving his getaway car, disposing of the murder weapon, and reported Eric had an extensive hit list. Eric was sentenced to the death penalty. His wife was sentenced to 40 years in jail.

If you’re a Dateline diehard or a true crime podcast fan, check out “A Date with Dateline.” The average length of episodes is 90 minutes long. New episodes are updated semiweekly.

Listen to ‘A Date with Deadline’

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