Rumors swirl about Greg for Bachelor and Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy on ‘Chicks in the Office’

Celebrity August 27, 2021
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“Chicks in the Office” is discussing the biggest news in pop culture three times a week. The “Chicks” of note are Ria and Fran, who are trying to keep you up to date on the newest celebrity relationships and breakups, your favorite television shows, and even interviewing celebrity guests.

And it has been a chaotic week for Bachelor fans across the board. With rumors swirling (thanks to RealitySteve) that Greg Grippo is lined up to be the next Bachelor, heads are rolling. His very dramatic break-up and reunion with Bachelorette Katie Thurston has greatly divided Bachelor Nation, with some staying on #TeamGreg for the long haul and some jumping ship for Katie’s side.

The “Chicks in the Office” are decidedly upset about these rumors, hoping it will be literally anyone else but Greg. But, we still have a whole season of Bachelor in Paradise and another Bachelorette season to get through. Typically, the producers use the paradise season to gauge any fan favorites and potentially pick a new lead from there, but now they might even wait until after Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette to announce their leading man. All we have to say is: don’t hold your breath, we have a feeling we are in for a long wait. Oh, also, Clare and Dale maybe secretly got married?

The highlight of this episode, though, is their interview with Love Is Blind star Giannina Gibelli. For those who don’t know, Love Is Blind just released an “After the Altar” episode seeing where the four couples are now. Gibelli had perhaps the most dramatic end to her love story on the first season when she ran away from the altar at her wedding. She then reunited with her ex-fiance Damian Powers after the show, and they remained together until earlier this year.

Gibelli is on “Chicks in the Office” to share the actual timeline events, how she feels about her ex Damian Powers showing up to the “After the Altar” episode with Francesca from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, and her friendships that stemmed from the show. Listen to “Chicks in the Office” for more celebrity news (we didn’t even get to Kylie Jenner potentially being pregnant!) and rumor debunking.

Listen to ‘Chicks in the Office’

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