Leave a voicemail at 1-877-YO-DRAMA and hear ‘Lemme Tell U Sumthin with Cristian and Tyshon’ react to the juicy tea, petty drama, and more

Comedy April 28, 2022
Listen to ‘Lemme Tell U Sumthin with Cristian and Tyshon’

Creators Cristian Dennis and Tyshon Lawrence want all of your hottest tea and juicy drama to spill on their new, weekly podcast. You might recognize Tyshon and Cristian as social media influencers and lifestyle YouTubers. On both of their separate YouTube channels, they love to post reaction videos among other fun content.

Cristian posts all kinds of videos to his 8.7 million TikTok followers including outfit updates, dance videos, and a birthday party invitation video for Doja Cat. Tyshon has 15.8 million followers on TikTok and recently posted content reacting to cringe SpiderMan videos.

Cristian and Tyshon could not wait to take their comedic sensibilities to the podcast space and share advice with y’all. On “Lemme Tell U Sumthin with Cristian and Tyshon,” the hosts are opening up their hotline, 877-YO-DRAMA, and playing one listener’s voicemail each episode. They’ll fully analyze the situation, whether it’s petty drama, work drama, relationship issues, family problems, or any drama whatsoever – Cristian and Tyshon are ready to react to it all. They’ll share advice and also talk about themselves, share things they love, hate, and more.

Stream the series in any order, with each episode under 35 minutes long. New episodes are posted on Thursdays and video versions are uploaded to YouTube.

A recent episode dished on a love triangle involving baby drama with three co-workers at Pizza Hut. Their co-worker, Haley, called in with this story. On another episode, Imeria called in to gripe about a backstabber from college – a friend who stole her crush.

Cristian and Tyshon had some tips for Taylor, a little kid that called in to report his auntie. Taylor was annoyed his auntie ate a slice of leftover pizza he was looking forward to enjoying at home. Tune in to hear what happened when Taylor confronted his auntie and called his dad. The hosts wanted more details on Taylor’s aunt, then weighed in on what he should do if this happens again in the future.

Have some drama to share with Cristian and Tyshon? Dial 877-YO-DRAMA and leave a voicemail to possibly be included in a future episode.

If you’re a fan of Cristian and Tyshon or just randomly love hearing others’ drama similar to everyday tidbits shared in “Normal Gossip,” you might also enjoy “Lemme Tell U Sumthin with Cristian and Tyshon.” This series is presented by Pod People.

Listen to ‘Lemme Tell U Sumthin with Cristian and Tyshon’

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