Leroy Luna’s ‘Excuse Me, That’s Illegal’ finds its niche in small-time crime

True Crime September 29, 2021
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Welcome to the world of bad choices, dorky DUIs, brain-dead bandits, buffet brawls, and more true crime stories on “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal.” Host Leroy Luna’s podcast has found its niche with small-time true crime tales that often evade front page news. But luckily with “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal,” Leroy has created a platform for these true crime stories to live and lurk onto our streaming devices.

The types of stories Leroy selects can get quite ridiculous – you might find yourself laughing from incredulity. With Leroy’s wisecracking and deadpan remarks, we’ll hear about all kinds of crime running the gamut from a husband intentionally robbing to be sent away from his wife to hooligans egging someone’s home.

We’ll also hear what tomfoolery banned a guy from 3 cities and 4 townships. What about people getting in trouble while evacuating a flood on canoes? Who was littering the city with nails at night? A phe-gnome-nal attack of the gnomes? Frying McDonalds crimes? Yep, these are the sorts of storylines we’re tuning in for. It’s no joke he considers “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” to be a “hardcore look at some softcore crimes.”

On a recent episode of Podsauce, Dax and Alesha caught up with Leroy! Leroy chatted about living and working in Canada while starting the show in 2020. Although “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” started during quarantine, he said he doesn’t want the podcast to be considered a pandemic project per se since the show’s idea was brewing for years, and he had stacks of research to draw from. Leroy tracks all episodes in his home’s recording studio-converted-closet space.

As a long-standing fan of the true crime genre, Leroy often appeared on his brother’s podcast, “Dark Topic.” This is one of his podcast picks for Podsauce, along with “Heist Podcast,” covering high-profile criminals and investigations.

Dax wondered which one of Leroy’s episodes was the most hilarious to research, and Leroy shares “The Mad Pooper.” A jogger in Colorado Springs targeted a neighborhood as her “own personal dumping grounds.” In this case, the toilet paper company Charmin invited the Mad Pooper to turn herself in to police in exchange for a free supply of toilet paper.

Leroy will often read Yelp reviews of businesses where the crimes occurred and poke fun in goofy voices. Dax thinks this idea is hilarious, and he looks forward to hearing this part of the episodes.

New episodes are available on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Tune in to “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” for more crimes as told by Leroy. For more from Leroy, check out his full interview with Podsauce.

Listen to ‘Excuse Me, That’s Illegal’

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