At the intersection of race, film, and comedy is ‘Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]’

TV & Film August 11, 2021
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“Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]” is the smartest comedy and film podcast you will stumble upon. Hosts Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III watch and review films with leading actors of color, analyzing them in the context of race in America and Hollywood. They scrutinize how people of color are portrayed in film, both with overt imagery and sub-textually driven stereotypes.

They typically look at newer films, from Oscar nominees like Minari and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, to releases that maybe aren’t getting the same accolades, like Space Jam: A New Hope and F9: The Fast Saga. They don’t skip over the classics though – they’ve obviously covered the standards in any film repertoire like Blazing Saddles and Coming to America. They offer hilarious commentary along with sobering insights on movies that either made or broke careers. Their discussions are bolstered by all three’s experiences as working actors; they are well-informed of the workings on set as well as the inner workings in Hollywood.

They start from the top of the film and critique it all the way through, discussing plot points, character arcs, acting and issues of representation. Take, for instance, their recent analysis of In the Heights, which is a must listen. With incredible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, In the Heights didn’t earn nearly what was anticipated in the box office. Along with guest Rosy R., they discuss the critiques about the film’s racism and colorism: the movie received backlash for not casting Afro-Latinos for characters that are Afro-Latino, and in general for not casting Black people. They discuss the glossy angle given to the Heights in the movie and the gentrification happening in the area.

Since 2015, these guys have been hosting the best movie review podcast that goes beyond the screen. “Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]” was created after a Facebook argument about Martin Lawrence’s performance in Blue Streak, and the rest is history. This podcast is a great way to revisit the good and bad movies you’ve seen before and an easy way to consciously critique films.

This podcast will change how you see movies and the entertainment industry as a whole. “Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]” is an exploration of popular films from a Black point of view. While the three friends have amazing chemistry that makes for easy listening, they also don’t all share the same opinions on the films they watch. The way they make you feel like you’re in the studio with them will have you wanting to jump in the conversation with your own opinion. After your first listen, you’ll be bingeing “Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]” for years to come.

Listen to ‘Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]’

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