Tag along on a journey for attention in the TikToker-approved ‘Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest’

Comedy October 6, 2021
'Catie and Erik's Infinite Quest' podcast art
Listen to ‘Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest: An ADHD Adventure’

TikTok creators Catie Osborn and Erik Gude are going on an “infinite quest for attention” as they discuss experiences and challenges of life with ADHD and play Dungeons and Dragons. “Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest” is an awesome resource for anyone with ADHD, anyone who wants to learn more about ADHD, and anyone who loves hilarious podcasts.

In “Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest,” they talk their own diagnoses and ADHD traits they displayed before their diagnosis. They have very candid conversations about mental health ranging from forgetfulness to living with depression, hyperfixation to life in school with ADHD. With a focus on education and validation, the two are sharing invaluable information and showing others that they are not alone in their frustrations with ADHD.

They’ve also been joined by a number of guests, many they know from TikTok but also a number of activists, authors, and doctors, like Patrick Loller, Ben Brainard, and Dr. Kimberly Douglass.

They also had Em Schulz from “And That’s Why We Drink” on in March of 2021, who actually realized from Catie and Erik’s TikToks that they have ADHD. Em also has Tourette’s, and through TikTok, learned that it is common to also have ADHD along with the condition. They share how, after learning about the symptoms of ADHD from Catie and Erik, they realized that they do in fact have it. Em also shares their journey through clown college and Marvel prop making – it’s a wonderful episode.

In addition to their amazing interviews, they split their remaining episodes between TikTok Q&As and Catie teaching Erik Dungeons and Dragons. They give tips and tricks to handling certain aspects of ADHD and how certain aspects of life are changed when you have the disorder. They cover topics from music, to video games, to cooking and burnout with ADHD.

“Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest” is vulnerable, funny, educational and affirming. Be sure to check it out and learn a little more about this stigmatized disorder.

Listen to ‘Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest: An ADHD Adventure’

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