‘Death of a Rock Star’ chronicles the legacies of Whitney Houston, Prince, Elvis and more

Music September 22, 2021
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Nothing makes us stop and look like the “Death of a Rock Star.” The people who moved us like no one else could, with the ability to change our moods, our wardrobes, and define special times in our own lives. Their deaths come unexpectedly: some too soon, some after they’ve long since faded from the limelight. But every rockstar changed music and therefore, changed us. And Crowd Network’s “Death of a Rock Star” is looking at the legacies they created in life and the gifts they left us after death.

From stars who overdosed, to those who were murdered, to even those who died of cancer or old age, “Death of a Rock Star” tells their stories. From musicians like Jeff Buckley, the singer with a voice like no one else, who could play any instrument and make you feel anything, whose life was cut shockingly short in the Mississippi River. And Freddie Mercury, the Queen frontman who paved a road for LGBTQ+ rights and whose death from complications with AIDS marked an important turning point in the world’s handling of the epidemic.

There’s members of the 27 Club – the tragic story of Amy Winehouse, the woman with the voice of the century who was pushed into a life she did not want. “Death of a Rock Star” asks: were we, as a society, maybe responsible for her death? Hear about the final days of John Lennon’s life from the perspective of his killer. And Kurt Cobain, one of the most innovative and transcendent voices in music, who ended his life after a lengthy battle with addiction.

Do you remember where you were when you heard Michael Jackson died? On June 25, 2009, perhaps the most influential and controversial man in music died of a heart attack at just 50 years old. “Death of a Rock Star” looks at the perplexing legacy left behind by the man who was dubbed by Guinness World Records “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time.”

Whitney Houston, Buddy Holly, Prince, Sid Vicious, and Marvin Gaye, this podcast explores a life and death witnessed by millions. How does it change them? How did they change us? “Death of a Rock Star” delivers a 30-minute audio documentary about the everlasting power rock stars seem to have in death.

Listen to ‘Death of a Rock Star’

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