After leaving her 9-to-5 dream job at TikTok, Jenna Palek is learning how to have ‘Fun on Weekdays’

Society & Culture October 11, 2021
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Jenna Palek just turned 24 years old, and has a lot to celebrate this year. She stays present by living life to the fullest and sharing with listeners on her podcast, “Fun on Weekdays.” Jenna kickstarted the podcast in July 2021 while transitioning out of her 9-5 dream job at TikTok. The Ohio native now lives in Austin, Texas and has changed her routine to have fun every day of the week, instead of only settling for fun on weekends. In the episodes, Jenna will share stories, try new things, and offer advice for y’all.

In the podcast, Jenna discusses how she used her skills to go viral and land her dream job. Jenna has a creative eye and studied fashion merchandising at Kent State University. When graduation rolled around, Jenna was looking for a job and saw an opening for TikTok’s Brand Development Manager role. With previous experience spearheading a TikTok research project while interning for TV and film designer Sherri Hill, she was tasked with finding influencers to promote Sherri’s brand.

When Jenna was ready to apply for TikTok online, the job posting had vanished. Jenna applied to dozens of companies, but knew she needed to do something innovative to differentiate herself from the crowd, still setting her sights on TikTok in hopes the hiring department would view it.

Jenna ingeniously posted a video to TikTok outlining her resume and experience in the short video format, detailing why the social media giant should hire her. Jenna’s video went viral, racking up over 220K views the day it was posted and amassing nearly a million views over the next week. Jenna received a phone call from Los Angeles, TikTok’s Lead Acquisition Manager was on the line, and she was hired! You go, Jenna!

Jenna is joined by special guests. On the second episode, we heard from Pittsburgh TikToker, Kennedy Eurich, and they connected over taking risks and reinventing themselves. They shared how it’s important to stay true to yourself and be consistent in anything you do if you have goals to accomplish. Jenna’s best friend and roommate Lillie Devries appeared on the third episode to discuss PTO from their perspectives.

We learn that Jenna has quit her job on the fourth episode, and shares her game plan with full dedication to her “Fun on Weekdays” brand. Episode five caught up with entrepreneur Connor Saeli about social media and he discusses the brand he co-founded, Waterboy. Content creator Danielle Carolan shares her beginnings with YouTube in 2010, and has plenty of advice in episode six. TikToker Louis Levanti shared about posting quirky content on social media platforms in the seventh episode.

Jenna shares relatable tips and life advice on ideas like how to have fun when things don’t go as planned. She reflects on her ambition, college experiences, and love for fashion. Jenna recently attended NYC’s Fashion Week and juggled a hotel fiasco while trying to complete her work schedule. But she prevailed, accomplished, and had a swell time.

To hear more from Jenna’s journey, tune in for new, weekly episodes, wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Fun on Weekdays’

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