Get real with the celebrity guests of ‘LadyGang’ featuring Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin

Society & Culture August 19, 2021
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From PodcastOne comes “LadyGang.” As real-life friends, hosts Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin banded together and named themselves the “LadyGang” to dish on anything and everything in their celeb-fueled podcast. They wanted to create a movement by women for women. Since 2015, the hosts get real by sharing stories from their personal lives. Episodes feature celebrity guests. Lots of the topics covered on the show appeared in their book, Act Like a Lady. The hosts hope their listeners will feel empowered and part of a relatable community.

Keltie is an Emmy award-winning TV personality and former Radio City Rockette. Jac is an entrepreneur, designer, influencer, writer, and producer. Becca is an actress, singer, and dancer who is best known for her role on Glee.

Fellow podcasters, Darren Criss and Este Haim, appeared on “LadyGang”

Actor/musician Darren Criss and musician Este Haim appeared on a recent episode. They spoke about their new podcast, Cadence13’s “That Thing I Do.” Darren and Este share a mutual love for each other and the movie, That Thing You Do. They quote it often when hanging out. Este joked that she could probably complete the film as a one-woman show. Darren loves Este’s ripping personality and sense of humor. She’s a queen of one-liners!

During quarantine, Darren and Este would FaceTime to catch up. They soon realized their convos were interesting and fun enough to become a podcast. At first, Darren didn’t want to become another Hollywood figure-turned-podcaster. But Este was insistent, and Darren obliged. Darren is so happy he did! They complement each other impeccably and have a blast on the podcast. And they’re learning a lot about each others’ lives.

“Elder Emos”

The “LadyGang” also shares life tips and hacks. Recent episodes explored waxing, career advice, relationships & friendships, and answered listeners’ questions. Jac called herself an “Elder Emo” and dedicated an entire episode to her adoration for the music scene. Her boyfriend and guitarist of The Maine, Jared Monaco, appeared on the episode to chat about their first concert memories, favorite emo moments, touring, and the music that impacted their lives.

Tune in for new, semiweekly episodes.

Listen to ‘LadyGang’

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