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Comedy October 13, 2021
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The incomparable Melissa Rivers joined Podsauce this week to talk about “Group Text with Melissa Rivers.” In it, she shares her thoughts on whatever she and her friends are texting about. From fashion, to the red carpet, to the newest developments in television and film, she is sharing her honest truth about it all.

Every episode is truly a grab bag of topics. She’s had interviews with directors, producers, Olympians and TikTokers on whatever is grabbing their eye, she’s talked about topics like insomnia, adoption, and gun control with experts. She also covers the most recent happenings in award show news.

“Group Text with Melissa Rivers” recently had on film expert and critic Dave Karger to tell us about the must-watch movies this fall. From Dune to Last Night in SoHo, he breaks down why he’s excited about each film and where we should be spending our money. Last Night in SoHo (we’ve assumed you’ve heard about Dune, it’s only got Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya in it) stars JoJo Rabbit‘s Thomasin McKenzie as she plays an aspiring fashion designer who is transported back to the 1960s, where the glamour is not all it seems. Along with Anya-Taylor Joy, it’s a psychological thriller that Karger is looking forward to seeing in theaters.

He also recommends that if you are not comfortable going back to theaters yet, to try going at off-peak hours and days to see the films that are fit for the big screen.

Rivers also had an episode in early September honoring her late mother, Joan Rivers. The iconic comedian passed away unexpectedly seven years ago on September 4th, so Rivers gathered some of her mother’s favorite people to celebrate Joan. Between Adam Pally, Bob Saget, Betsy Brandt and Derek Waters, the four shared hilarious stories about Joan. Brandt recalls a blow job joke she made on Fashion Police that absolutely broke Joan, one of the trailblazers for uncensored women in comedy. The entire episode is hilarious and touching, it’s definitely a must-listen for any Joan Rivers fans.

“Group Text with Melissa Rivers” is Melissa’s unabbreviated thoughts on everything under the sun. An excellent interviewer and hilarious storyteller, she covers a wide variety of topics with a sense of humor and fun.

Listen to ‘Group Text with Melissa Rivers’

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