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Comedy August 30, 2021
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Apparently, getting ghosted by your therapist is a real thing. And it’s probably more common than you might think. But, “My Therapist Ghosted Me” is based on a true story from Irish comedian Joanne McNally whose therapist stopped returning her calls and refused to open his clinic door. This is probably where most people would accept that their therapist has indeed fled like a Tinder match into the cold dark night, leaving them with more emotional baggage than they started with.

But Joanne took matters into her own hands and tracked this man down to a crematorium where he was scattering his aunt’s ashes. Which is objectively more emotionally traumatic for everyone involved.

We certainly hope this anecdote gives you a good sense of what “My Therapist Ghosted Me” is all about. Together, Irish model Vogue Williams (yes, that is her real, unchanged birth name) and her best friend Joanne are teaming up to therapize themselves. Absolutely hilarious and just a little unhinged, the two friends are talking about all of their problems. Each episode, they grapple with different issues plaguing them: whether it be mistaking the therapist your friend recommended for a chiropractor, hideous sandals, or a terrifying horse fantasy tweet sparking a philosophical debate on the internet.

The two give upfront, honest and hilarious advice about what to do in any given situation. The lifelong friends share wild stories that sort of explain why Joanne’s therapist dipped out on her. At the end of every episode, they read listener stories about their worst human interactions to date. And, if you’re lucky, they may even hand out the “Golden Dick” to the worst story they read.

Vogue also hosts another podcast with her husband, Spencer Williams, but she wanted to do “My Therapist Ghosted Me” so she could talk about the things that he would never. It is a no holds barred kind of situation with Vogue and Joanne, and you never know what might happen every episode.

It’s easy listening from some stark raving mad ladies who can’t stop making each other laugh. Warning: you may binge listen to their entire first season in one sitting. We’ve all been missing a night out with the gals, and “My Therapist Ghosted Me” is the only solution. You’ll be wishing there was a new episode every day.

Hot off their first season of “My Therapist Ghosted Me,” Vogue and Joanne will be back for a season two, so it’s best to be catching up now.

Listen to ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’

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