Pull back the curtain on WWE performances by listening to ‘Out of Character with Ryan Satin’

Sports August 11, 2021
Out of Character with Ryan Satin
Listen to ‘Out of Character with Ryan Satin’

Fans of WWE, this one’s for you. The first guest on this week’s episode of Podsauce is the host of “Out of Character with Ryan Satin”; a podcast allowing wrestling fans an intimate look into their favorite stars’ lives. There’s more to the people you see duke it out on TV each week, and Ryan Satin is pulling back the curtain.

Satin himself is an American pop culture and wrestling journalist. He was a producer for TMZ and founded Pro Wrestling Sheet, writing on wrestling and MMA. Now at Fox Sports, he has started his newest venture with “Out of Character with Ryan Satin.” In the past, he’s been known for his banter and in-depth wrestling coverage, but now he’s making a huge name for himself with his interviews of wrestling legends. Every Monday, Satin sits down with superstars to chat about whatever it is that gives them that star power. Satin is able to bring another dimension to WWE that you can’t anywhere else but this podcast.

Satin makes each episode an event, with the occasion being Satin’s guest. In Episode 19, Satin has on the current WWE United States Champion, Sheamus. They don’t just talk about his third reign with that title, they talk about the creation of The Celtic Warrior: an Irish wrestler from 3000 BC. And as he starts every episode, Satin asks how much of his character on television is actually him. From there, it’s truly personal. Whether it’s just aspects of someone’s personality enhanced for show, or who they wanted to be growing up, it’s always an interesting conversation starter.

He talks with wrestlers like Samoa Joe on his life as a mortgage broker, and AJ Styles on the video games he loves. There’s Charlotte Flair talking about her brother Reid’s passing and her path to fame, and Carmella’s cheerleading past with the Lakers and the Patriots.

It’s all heart here. Find out things you’ve never know and see the person behind the performance with “Out of Character with Ryan Satin”.

Listen to ‘Out of Character with Ryan Satin’

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