Obsessed with the royals? Here are 9 podcast episodes all about Princess Diana

History August 17, 2021

Diana, Princess of Wales, the People’s Princess: she captivated with world with her beauty, fashion, charisma and generosity. The first commoner married into the British Royal Family, Diana was taken to quickly by the people of England. Despite a very public and messy 1996 divorce from Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne, Diana never lost the support of the British people. So, when she died tragically in a car crash on August 31st, 1997, the world mourned the loss of their princess.

But her death has been somewhat of a debate. There was a 10-year investigation into the car crash, campaigned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed, Diana’s boyfriend at the time who also perished in the crash. Al-Fayed accused the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, and M16 of murdering Diana, his son, and their driver. The verdict returned as an “unlawful killing” by the driver of the vehicle, and Al-Fayed said he would end the inquisition out of respect for Diana’s children.

She left behind a legacy of kindness, warmth, and humanitarianism: something the Royals weren’t exactly known for. Since the fifth season of The Crown, interest in Princess Diana’s story has been reinvigorated. Not to mention, her son, Harry, and his wife, Meghan’s, exit from the Royal Family for accusations of bullying and abuse has left people with an all-too-familiar taste in their mouths.

Check out these podcast episodes about Diana, Princess of Wales, to learn more of her story:

You're Wrong About image

You’re Wrong About: Princess Diana Parts 1 – 5

Listen to ‘You’re Wrong About’

Join Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall through their five-part series on Princess Diana on “You’re Wrong About.” The first episode starts off with the very public whirlwind romance between a young Diana and Charles, and the society that told them they loved each other. From there, the episodes chronicle Diana’s life, marriage, and divorce up until the car crash that took her, her boyfriend, and her driver’s lives.

History of the 90s: Princess Diana and the Paparazzi

Listen to ‘History of the 90s: Princess Diana and the Paparazzi’

The “History of the 90s” podcast about Diana focuses on how her death changed the media landscape. The People’s Princess’ tragic death spurred an explosive resentment with the paparazzi that had stalked her since her courtship with Charles. Diana had repeatedly said that the intrusive photographers made her life miserable, and it was they who ultimately caused her premature death. At her funeral, her brother said that every editor in the UK who had demanded pictures of the Princess had blood on their hands. And many still see it that way.

True Crime & Cocktails: Princess Diana

Listen to ‘True Crime & Cocktails: Princess Diana’

On “True Crime & Cocktails,” Lauren and Christy share some of the lesser-known facts surrounding Diana’s fate. They reveal some odd Royal traditions that the British Monarchy must adhere to as well as a witness that the police are supposedly trying to hide from the public. The vehicle she was in also had some questionable tinkerings here and there, something that has been speculated since the crash. Join “True Crime & Cocktails” for a marathon of all things Diana.

Dateline: The Life and Death of Princess Diana

Listen to ‘Dateline: The Life and Death of Princess Diana’

The latest season of The Crown has placed the Princess at the forefront of people’s curiosities yet again. Over two decades since her death, “Dateline” is revealing new insights into her very private life. The Crown has not necessarily sat well with the royal family nor their advisors, saying much of the show is fictionalized for entertainment. But Andrea Canning reveals what is actually true about Diana’s marriage to Charles, her stance eventual against the crown, and the mysterious car crash that ended her life, on “Dateline”.

Historical Figures: Diana, Princess of Wales

Listen to ‘Historical Figures: Diana, Princess of Wales’

Princess Diana was universally beloved by all when she became the first non-royal to marry into the British monarchy in 1981. She was (and still is) a fashion icon, and her humanitarian efforts and overall generosity made her the People’s Princess. “Historical Figures: Diana, Princess of Wales” tells us the story of Diana before her passing: a kind and benevolent woman who reinvented the image of the Royal Family until they turned on her.

Mile Higher: 21: Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories

Listen to ‘Mile Higher: 21: Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories’

As is with most celebrity deaths, there are conspiracy theories galore when it comes to Princess Di. Considering that the actual crash of her car was obscured from any security cameras in the area, and there being very few witnesses, her high profile death was the perfect equation for the birth of many conspiracies. “Mile Higher” looks at these theories – seeing which could be based in some sort of truth, and which are pure phonies. Did someone mess with her car? Was it just a terrible accident? Or was she murdered by the crown?

The Alarmist: The Aftermath: Death of Princess Diana

Listen to ‘The Alarmist: The Aftermath: Death of Princess Diana’

By now, we know the details of how the Princess of Wales perished. But what was the fallout after her shocking end? “The Alarmist” host Rebecca talks with Kristen Meinzer, a podcaster and Royal reporter, about Diana’s unique relationship with Queen Elizabeth II and Charles. And they answer the question people have been asking for nearly 25 years: who is to blame for Di’s death?

She’s So Cool: Narrative: Princess Diana

Listen to ‘She’s So Cool: Narrative: Princess Diana’

Most of the aforementioned episodes are focused on the end of Diana’s life. “She’s So Cool” is focused on her brilliant life and legacy. A biographical narrative from the time she was born, “She’s So Cool” tells us about her childhood, family life, and life before the monarchy. She left behind a tradition of generosity, humanitarianism, and kindness, something that the British Royal Family was not known for before her time.

The Daily: Diana & Meghan

Listen to ‘The Daily: Diana & Meghan’

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the Royal Family (Megxit, if you will), comparisons to the treatment of Harry’s late mother and wife are plaguing the crown. Diana, Princess of Wales, sat down with BBC in 1995 to talk openly about her treatment by her in-laws in a completely unprecedented move. In March 2021, Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah to discuss the exact same thing. Meghan speaks openly of nearly being driven to self-harm and suicide, something that her late mother-in-law also battled while married to the throne. Listen to this episode of “The Daily” to see the similarities between the two interviews.

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