Demetria L. Lucas’ podcast decides what is ‘Ratchet & Respectable’

Society & Culture August 18, 2021
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This week in the sixth episodes of Podsauce, Alesha’s pick of the week is Studio71’s and Demetria L. Lucas’ “Ratchet & Respectable.” Lucas is a cultural critic, journalist, and New York Times best-selling author who is musing on everything pop culture and worthwhile.

Alesha and Demetria actually know each other and have been good friends for some time, but that’s not why Alesha is recommending this pod. Demetria is a wickedly talented writer, having just written her first screenplay for Don’t Waste Your Pretty, based on her book by the same title. “Ratchet & Respectable” is her perspective on the news, and her voice is just as colorful as her writing.

If the name alone isn’t enough to get you listening, “Ratchet & Respectable” is the perfect bi-weekly catch-up on all things news, sports, politics and pop culture. Or if you are as up-to-date as Lucas, her nuanced takes and amusing commentary provide a thoughtful second opinion on the news. Lucas is reviewing Netflix’s newest shows and movies, digging into the Jeopardy! search for a new host, Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard birthday bash, and more.

There’s smaller news you may have missed: from the New York surgeon annulling his marriage after he found out his wife was a call-girl for multiple New York elites. And how, despite how heart-wrenching this is for her husband, she should’ve been charging more, honestly. Lucas is here to give an hour of her reaction to this week’s shenanigans and showdowns.

She’s relatable and funny, and, y’all, she really called people copper-diggers last week, because if you aren’t going for the millionaires, then what are you doing? She speaks from her experience as a Black woman on all that’s happening in the news. Whether it’s “ratchet” or it’s “respectable,” it’s all worth talking about and pulling enjoyment or education out of it. She’s not afraid to challenge your beliefs and question the status quo:

Check out “Ratchet & Respectable” every Tuesday and Friday for an afternoon chat with your smartest best friend.

Listen to ‘Ratchet & Respectable’

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