Sarah Knight’s ‘No F*cks Given’ podcast has the life advice we didn’t know we needed

Society & Culture August 15, 2021
Listen to ‘No F*cks Given’

From Sarah Knight and Audacy’s Cadence13 comes the podcast, “No F*cks Given.” Sarah Knight wrote the New York Times bestselling series, the No F*cks Given Guides. This collection includes The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, Get Your Sh*t Together, and Calm the F*ck Down. Sarah shares advice and tools on this weekly self-help podcast. Through humor and real talk, Sarah hopes her advice will give you techniques to improve your life.

Sarah’s target audience is giving advice to people who do not like following directions. For the podcast, Sarah chooses this approach, since she considers herself in this category of people.

The podcast covers topics including building confidence, organization, managing anxiety, mental health, and motivation. Many of the episodes overlap with her No F*cks Given Guides. For instance, concepts like boundaries, personal policies, mental decluttering, tackling your to-do list, and being on time are in her books. She speaks about using time wisely and delves into relationships.

Sarah often dedicates an entire monthly episode to answer listener questions. You can submit questions via her website.

New episodes are released on Tuesdays.

Listen to ‘No F*cks Given’

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