Grab the tissues and listen to some heartfelt conversations on NPR’s ‘StoryCorps’

Society & Culture September 19, 2021
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Listen to NPR’s ‘StoryCorps’

Break out the box of tissues and get ready to experience a roller coaster of emotions when listening to “StoryCorps.” NPR’s “StoryCorps” features frank, heartfelt conversations of real-life stories. Each impactful episode shares accounts of hope, family, friendship, love, and loss. Through unscripted conversations, “StoryCorps” strives to create a kinder world with the wisdom shared, fostering a greater sense of community and awareness.

“StoryCorps” is Dax’s pick of the week in Podsauce’s episode 4. He enthusiastically shared the episode, “Carrying the Weight,” as the compelling nature of this story moved him. This episode reports on a murder in 1995 after 14-year-old gang member, Tony, shoots 20-year-old student, Tariq. The victim’s father set out on a path to forgiveness by finding Tony 5 years later for a reason you would least expect: to bring peace.

As a result, a relationship bridges through tragedy. Tariq’s father, Azim, a practicing Sufi Muslim, befriended and forgave his son’s killer. Azim says he, Tariq, and the perpetrator are “victims on both sides of the gun.” Azim explains how in the Sufi tradition, forgiveness is a gift to yourself. Tony and Azim have a difficult conversation, speaking about Tariq’s last moments in the podcast. Tony, his grandfather, and Azim started a non-profit justice organization and seek public speaking forums together, seeing this as an unexpected opportunity to teach others.

A recent, heartwarming episode explores people who fully devote themselves to where they live, helping to instill community and make their world a better place. We hear about a couple, Sharon and Larry, whose love changed their neighborhood. They renovate homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The couple met in the 1990s, when Sharon searched for help repairing her family’s home. Larry, a local contractor, was the best for the job. Sharon invited Larry for tea, he accepted, and the rest is history. They started dating and strolled through the neighborhood, noticing the mostly-boarded-up houses. Recognizing they could help with renovations, they took hands-on action to boost neighborhood reforms.

“StoryCorps” is gearing up for its newest season called “Finding Our Way Back,” exploring people who begin anew after tragedy and troubling times.

Each episode is under 20 minutes long. New episodes will soon be released.

Listen to NPR’s ‘StoryCorps’

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