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TV & Film September 23, 2021
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Bachelor Nation and Audacy’s “Talking It Out” features all of our favorite Bachelor alumni in never-before-heard interviews with two men who know the show in and out. Our two hosts are Mike Johnson, a fan-favorite contestant that everyone still hopes will be picked as The Bachelor some day, and Dr. Bryan Abasolo, the husband of The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay, so, a big winner of the franchise. Together, these two have thought-provoking interviews with Bachelor contestants and conversations on topics that aren’t always easy to talk about.

The two thrive on the idea that this is not your typical Bachelor Nation podcast: not only will they be diving into the male psyche in relation to the show’s newest episodes, but they’ll also be talking about topics that affect men. They talk about sobriety, infertility, the idea of virginity, addiction, if size matters, and more.

“Talking It Out” is the first Bachelor Nation podcast that not only features two male hosts, but two hosts that are people of color. As the franchise has come into hot water over not having enough diversity, coming from different backgrounds and cultures is what they hope sets them apart in their podcast. Abasolo is a chiropractor and fitness coach, as well as a married man, while Johnson is working towards being an intimacy coach, and is single. Along with their varying expertise and points in life, each episode brings differing perspectives about love and relationships.

The trouble with Thomas

Johnson and Abasolo are talking out every critical subject brought up on recent episodes and fleshing out the characters that we see on screen. Their most quintessential “Talking It Out” episode came a few weeks ago with an interview with Thomas Jacobs.

A contestant on the most recent season of The Bachelorette with Katie Thurston, Thomas was quickly cast as the villain. The men teamed up against him, and Katie, who was smitten but also determined to avoid drama, sent him home in a hurry. Naturally, he’s appeared on Bachelor in Paradise with a selection of the men that cast him out of the mansion just a few months before.

So, the two hosts knew they wanted him on “Talking It Out” to discuss what we can’t see on TV. He addresses his role as the show’s villain, knowing that he broke the unwritten rule that contestants on the Bachelorette cannot state that they have thought about the potential to become The Bachelor. Thomas talks about the strong connection he had with Katie, and how that affected other people in the house and eventually resulted in the men finding a common enemy in him.

In the refreshingly revealing interview, Thomas opens up about his struggles with depression, his upbringing as a biracial man, and what he found out about himself by watching himself on screen. Overall, this episode is what “Talking It Out” is in its prime. Mike and Bryan are showing the entire individual that we don’t get to see through a heavily edited reality show.

Whether or not you are a fan of The Bachelor, Mike and Bryan are having intriguing conversations and fleshing out the people on screen in “Talking It Out.” They are talking the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable with Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni. New episodes are released every Monday.

Listen to ‘Talking It Out’

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