Explore the stories of real-life heroines in ‘The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women’

Society & Culture August 27, 2021
Listen to ‘The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (HERO)’

“The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (HERO)” is a new podcast by Foreign Policy Magazine. With support from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this documentary series is about women facilitating change and empowering themselves to be financially independent. Each episode reports heroic stories of extraordinary women overcoming adversity and challenges, working toward achieving their goals. Listeners will meet women from around the globe who are unapologetically redefining gender dynamics in society. We’ll learn about topics like foreign policies, women’s workplace conditions and the steps they’re taking for reform, accessing appropriate healthcare, and how women are improving their quality of life.

Hosted by Reena Ninan, each episode examines the world of a real-life heroine, then explores the government jurisdictions in place. Reena explains that often, for change to occur, the government needs to be aware that a problem exists and the issue inhibits general growth and development of the country’s economics. The government needs to be convinced it is in its best interest to make necessary changes.

Reena is joined by Sabrina Habib in Episode 1 to speak about the possibilities of creating an affordable child care system. Sabrina developed a successful franchise of affordable child care centers in Kenya. Scientist Patricia Wekulo is also brought on the show to discuss child development.

The second episode transports listeners to Uganda where women participate in “Household Dialogues,” a couples counseling program. The episode also talks about how women are saving money and the sorts of savings groups that appear outside of banks. Groups are formed by people who pool their money together in a community. Barriers to financial independence and limitations of savings groups are explained.

In the third episode, we hear about informal workers in India who are paid off-the-books. Listeners learn how they’re creating change by forming unions and rallying for national policy reforms on the governmental level.

Reena is a foreign reporter and journalist who has appeared as a news anchor on networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox News. She has worked as a White House correspondent.

New episodes are available weekly.

Listen to ‘The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (HERO)’

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