#SpookySZN: Ever find yourself rooting for movie and TV’s biggest villains? This podcast is for you

TV & Film October 4, 2021
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Have you ever been watching a movie when, suddenly, you realize that you’re actually on the villain’s side? Sure, maybe they’ve committed some petty crimes here and there, or maybe they’re on the opposing cheer squad, but they’ve been making some pretty good points this whole time. And the protagonist is being a little melodramatic. Anyway, I digress. If this sounds anything like you, then welcome to the world of “The Villain Was Right.”

Comedians Craig Fay and Rebecca Reeds are joining forces to pull people to the dark side. Together, they watch movies and television shows from the antagonist’s perspective and ask if they are really all that bad. They watch old classics and new releases, and ask who is the actual villain in this story.

Take a look at Legally Blonde. Warner Huntington III was just looking to find a fresh start at Harvard Law School after his crazy college years when a figure from his past begins stalking him. After a whirlwind engagement to a childhood friend, he can’t seem to escape ex-girlfriend Elle Woods, who is copying his every move. After her unsuccessful attempts at reuniting with him, she then goes on to claim his dream as her own. So who is the real villain?

Or perhaps Meet The Parents. Jack welcomes his only daughter’s boyfriend into his home and his family, only for Greg to start acting strange. Jack catches him in lies about his past and also discovers Greg snooping around his house late at night. With grave suspicions, Jack sets off to uncover Greg’s secrets: either Greg is terrible with parents, or he is a shadowy figure from Jack’s past CIA career.

Was Oogie Boogie the bad guy? Or the victim of Mr. Skellington, tasked with harboring a dangerous prisoner from another world? Or perhaps Footloose‘s Reverend Shaw Moore. A man of draconian morals and a domineering father? Or the leader of a grieving town shaken up by a rebellious newcomer? Or Thanos. Maybe Tony Stark has been the villain the whole time? I don’t know how they managed to defend that one.

Either way, if you haven’t been listening to “The Villain Was Right”, you’ve been missing out on some of the hottest debates of all time. Produced by The From Superheroes Network, this podcast is for anyone who loves to root for an underdog and has a tender spot in their heart for all the villains out there.

Listen to ‘The Villain Was Right’

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