‘Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli’ hilariously mentors 2 grown men with a dream

Comedy November 3, 2021
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The iconic, hilarious and truly one-of-a-kind Lisa Lampanelli has faced many challenges, but she’s taking on her biggest one yet: mentoring comedians. Specifically, friends, comedians, and men down-bad Beau McDowell and Nick Scopoletti. While they may suck at jobs, and they may suck at dating, and they may suck at many other things, Lisa Lampanelli does not, hence why she has taken them under her wing for this new podcast “Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli.”

You may think “well, that’s a harsh name for a podcast,” but you must understand, this is Lisa Lampanelli we’re talking about! The former “Queen of Mean” herself is known for roasting people within an inch of their lives on stage, on red carpets, and now on podcasts. She joined Podsauce to talk all about this “Losers With A Dream” podcast, reuniting with her old friend Dax and delighting the Podsauce team with her fiery spirit.

So what is a 60-year-old insult comic doing on a podcast with two 30-year-old comedians who are just trying to get through adulthood? Lisa shared on Podsauce that she met Beau through her niece, who asked her to go see her friends’ stand-up show. Fearing the worst, Lisa attended the show and was stunned by just how funny he was. He went on to introduce her to his close friend, Nick, and the trio quickly formed a bond. Lisa was not just drawn to their humor, though, but rather how open the two were with each other. They had such genuine, honest discussions with each other about mental health, their failures and their fears, that Lisa knew this kind of male friendship should absolutely be heard by more people.

She pitched them “Losers With A Dream” and off they went! The mix of sincere comedy with therapeutic talks from varying perspectives and life journeys makes this podcast binge-worthy beyond compare. Between two grown men having conversations most of us are scared to have and Lisa’s often scathing words of wisdom, “Losers With A Dream” should probably be charging us for our time.

Nick and Beau have turned their shortcomings in comedic gold; diving into topics like jealousy, depression, codependency, entitlement and even the fear of dying. From gender roles and masculinity to spirituality and body positivity, they’re all out here trying to figure out what makes them who they are and why they may not suck all that bad.

Come for Lisa and stay for the “losers.” The trio will have your head spinning with how fast they can go from side-splitting insults to tear-jerking introspection. Relatable, thoughtful, and scorchingly funny, “Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli” is ready whenever you are.

Listen to ‘Losers With A Dream with Lisa Lampanelli’

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