Love ‘If Books Could Kill?’ Tune into these 7 podcasts all about squashing misinformation, finding truths, and reexamining history

round up December 27, 2022

In Michael Hobbes and Peter Shamshiri’s “If Books Could Kill” the co-hosts analyze “airport bestsellers that captured our hearts and ruined our minds” while encouraging misinformation and “American stupidity.” 

If you find yourself eagerly awaiting more from Michael and Peter, we’ve gathered some podcasts to hold you over until the next episodes drop. For another fantastic podcast co-hosted by Michael Hobbes, check out “Maintenance Phase” that squashes “junk science,” nutrition advice, health fads, scams, and other wellness misinformation. Peter co-hosts “5-4,” a podcast exploring “how much the Supreme Court sucks.”

On our list, you’ll find informative podcasts sharing lesser-known stories, unpacking cultural moments, setting the record straight for misconstrued historical events, and more.

Maintenance Phase podcast art

Maintenance Phase

Listen to ‘Maintenance Phase’

Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes debunk nutrition advice, health fads, scams, and supposed wellness information on “Maintenance Phase.” The co-hosts are serving the facts and making each other laugh when sharing serious truths about topics like Goop, body positivity, calories, QAnon, Apple Cider Vinegar, and many more.


Listen to ‘5-4’

Prologue Projects’ “5-4” is all about “how much the Supreme Court sucks.” This series is by “Slow Burn’s” co-creator Leon Neyfakh and hosted by Peter Shamshiri, Rhiannon Hamam, and Michael Morbius. They’re diving into cases, ideologies, and legal reasonings behind decisions including affirmative action, gun rights, campaign finance, and more. The co-hosts deftly “use dark humor to reveal the high court’s biases” in over 120 episodes.

Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring

Listen to ‘Decoder Ring’

Slate Podcasts’ “Decoder Ring” unpacks cultural questions and solves mysteries with host Willa Paskin. Every episode centers on a cultural object, habit, or question and dives into its history to analyze its meaning and relevancy. Past episodes examined the first alien abductees, method acting, and when the optical illusion dress went viral – just to name a few.

Sounds Like A Cult

Listen to ‘Sounds Like a Cult’

Taylor Swift? Starbucks? Kitchen Culture? The Supreme Court? “Sounds Like A Cult,” but are they actually cults? Isa Medina and Amanda Montell break down modern “cults” like well-known brands, celebrities, families, and other groups. They’re often joined by guests to share hilarious takes on the topic at hand. This series is brought to you by All Things Comedy Network.

American Hysteria

American Hysteria

Listen to ‘American Hysteria’

Chelsey Weber-Smith shares stories that formed our reality or shaped others’ non-existent realities. From urban legends to conspiracy theories, hoaxes, alien abductions, Satanic Panics, and more, “American Hysteria” jumps down rabbit holes to learn how these cultural moments rose and what followed.

You're Wrong About image

You’re Wrong About

Listen to ‘You’re Wrong About’

You’re Wrong About” is setting the record straight on historical events, cultural moments, or people “miscast in the public imagination.” Journalist Sarah Marshall brings listeners through topics like The Donner Party, eugenics, Go Ask Alice, and The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Michael co-hosted this series with Sarah until October 2021 but returned as a guest on the “Hunting Serial Killers” episode in September.

Internet Hate Machine

Listen to ‘Internet Hate Machine’

“Internet Hate Machine” host Bridget Todd explores how people silence and target marginalized groups online. This series shares how they are excluded from discourse, why society has seemingly become desensitized to racist and sexist attacks, and other dangers of our time. Bridget interviews guests who were targeted by such horrific attacks, interviews activists pushing back, and experts explaining the bad actors’ agenda.

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