True crime binge alert! M. William Phelps chronicles Victor Gerena’s $7 million Wells Fargo heist in ‘White Eagle’

True Crime May 3, 2022
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In 1983, an armored truck driver bound his co-workers at a West Hartford Wells Fargo location, stashed $7 million into a nearby vehicle, and disappeared. iHeartPodcasts’ “White Eagle” shares the fascinating story of 25-year-old Victor Gerena’s heist.

Start the 6 episodes of “White Eagle” from the beginning to hear the jaw-dropping saga, Gerena’s backstory, and his motivations for the crime. Episodes will be released over the next few weeks and run less than 45 minutes each on average.

This series is hosted by investigator and best-selling author, M. William Phelps. In addition to “White Eagle,” Phelps also hosts “Crossing the Line” and “Paper Ghosts.” Last year, Phelps joined Podsauce to talk about true crime and shared that he (and the FBI) suspect at least 1 to 2 serial killers are currently active in every major American city.

“White Eagle” speaks with folks involved in the case, like the officer who was one of the first to arrive at the crime scene moments after Gerena hightailed away. In episode 1, hear the nebulous tip that sent the West Hartford Police Department to the airport. The nation launched a manhunt and tracked down Gerena’s getaway car that had been abandoned miles away from Wells Fargo.

By episode 2, learn what information an eyewitness shared with police from the morning before Gerena’s robbery. Law enforcement combed through the 25-year-old’s background, hoping to find any leads and identify possible motives.

Gerena briefly surfaced to take credit for his heist and Hartford’s Puerto Rican community saw a sudden influx of cash. Meanwhile, a missile strike was underway in another country, and investigators believe they had found a break in the case and identified a new suspect.

Gerena was linked to a Puerto Rican terrorist organization that fought for independence from the US. This story takes so may unexpected twists and turns, you might find yourself binging all episodes at once. Gerena is at-large and still sits on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Fans of true crime shows like “Unsolved Mysteries,” “Dateline” and “Paper Ghosts” might also enjoy “White Eagle.” New episodes will be released over the next few weeks.

Listen to ‘White Eagle’

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