Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson chat about sports, culture, and more on ‘All The Smoke’

Sports December 7, 2021
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The Black Effect Network presents “All The Smoke,” a basketball podcast hosted by NBA stars, friends, and competitors Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Throughout their careers, Matt and Stephen have played, mentored countless players, and shared profound insight on the game. On the podcast, the hosts will share news from both on and off the court, updates from music, pop culture, politics, and more.

In weekly episodes, “All the Smoke” shares plenty of news with listeners. The series has been releasing episodes since 2019, with over 150 episodes to choose from. Tune into the series in any order, although you might want to start from the most recent episode. The average episode length is an hour. We’d recommend the series for fans of commentary shows like “Brother from Another.”

Matt and Stephen are frequently joined by awesome guests from the sports and entertainment worlds! Fellow podcasters Wallo and Gillie from “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” stopped by the show to discuss Ben Simmons, Barstool Sports, Kyrie, The Nets, and why the Warriors are excelling. In November, rapper and actor Lil Meech shared about his life, the Black Mafia family, and starring with Zendaya in Insecure. 10x All-Star and 6x All-NBA player, entrepreneur, and podcaster Carmelo Anthony told the hosts about the 2003 NBA draft, discussed his rapport with Kobe and Lebron, and shared his experiences at the Olympics.

Another fab episode featured Toronto Raptors star guard Fred VanVleet, where he shared his inspirational story from being undrafted to getting signed by the NBA. Rappers Jadakiss and Wiz Khalifa stopped by the show over the summer. In April, Lamar Odom talked about playing for the Lakers and opened up about his addictions.

The hosts will do NBA standings checks, and share fire updates on “What’s Burnin'” segments. They recently evaluated matchups like Knicks-Nets and the Suns and Warriors duking it out. They looked at the future for the Bulls and Heat at the Eastern Conference. Matt and Stephen also provide injury updates from games so listeners can stay informed. Matt and Stephen invite listeners to submit questions to be answered on upcoming episodes.

When “Talking It Out” hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo appeared on Podsauce, Brian shared “All the Smoke” as one of his podcast picks.

If you’re into sports and interviews, check out “All the Smoke,” with new episodes posted weekly.

Listen to ‘All the Smoke’

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