‘Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain’ reminds us to take breaks on the upwards path to success with actionable advice

Business March 18, 2022
Listen to ‘Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain’

“Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain” is a podcast that’s reminding us that all aspects of success hinge on our own self-nourishment and self-care. It’s a podcast where women can focus on their career, health, and relationships by actually giving themselves the time and space to breathe and find wisdom. Karlee Fain is passionate, enthusiastic, and refreshingly down-to-earth in her podcast for the highly driven.

There are over 120 “Messy and Magnificent” episodes to choose from. Listeners can pick and choose whichever episodes they want to listen to, as this podcast does not need to be listened to in any particular order. Episodes are released weekly and can range anywhere from under 10 minutes to 40 minutes long.

So many advice podcasts talk about elevating your career or changing your lifestyle to find success. Sometimes, they make it seem like we always need to be working to better ourselves by doing more. Karlee and the “Messy and Magnificent” sisterhood want you to do the opposite, though. While Karlee certainly inspires her listeners to take action with every one of her episodes, sometimes that action is taking a step back and seeing a bigger (or even smaller) picture.

Karlee has entire episodes about defining success and using your own reference points for success that are really about you, instead of being linked to other people’s perceptions of you. She’s spoken about the concept of building a stronger basket and not letting things drain you of your energy, inspiration, and motivation, even if that’s your own job. She talks about thriving in a hustle-driven world, recognizing when you’re being stingy when it comes to your needs, and setting holistic, sustainable goals to prevent becoming overwhelmed in an ever-changing world.

Something that Karlee is particularly adept in is storytelling, and she had episodes dedicated to the craft of it. In her recent episode “What’s Your Story? | How storytelling can help us connect more deeply with others,” she talks about opening up the lines of communication through storytelling. She dives into the neurobiological roots of this human practice, the specific layers of storytelling that make it an ideal way to communicate, and what superheroes can teach us about storytelling.

On “Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain,” she’s touching on all aspects of life. Recommended to us by Podsauce guest Ginni Saraswati of “The Ginni Show,” this podcast is perfect for anyone looking for validation, inspiration, and actionable advice. She’s talking about finances, mental health, communication, careers, and finding all of the space in between worrying about all of that. For an inspired and uplifted listen, be sure to give “Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain” a try.

Listen to ‘Messy and Magnificent with Karlee Fain’

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