Michael Holley and Michael Smith dish on sports, entertainment news, politics, and more on ‘Brother from Another’

Sports November 30, 2021
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Michael Holley and Michael Smith are friends and journalists who co-host “Brother from Another,” a sports podcast dishing on news, politics, entertainment, and more. The duo was formerly with ESPN and the hosts post video versions of the podcast interviews on their YouTube channel.

The average episode length is 90 minutes, and new episodes are posted weekly. With over 250 episodes so far, drop in at any episode, since each is topical. But, we’d recommend starting from the most recent episode, since many topics mentioned are timely.

“Brother from Another” was Roy Wood Jr.‘s podcast pick when he appeared on Podsauce. Roy and Matt Spiegel co-host “The Run – 2016 Chicago Cubs,” a sports podcast mainly about one of their favorite baseball teams. Roy recommended “Brother from Another” because he said it’s like “eavesdropping on two cool dudes in front of me in line at the grocery store.” Podsauce appreciates the hosts’ organic banter, and they’ll often share updates from their lives.

Since “Brother from Another” is first and foremost a sports podcast, many recent episodes cover the NFL. They’ll get into lighthearted topics such as Kyle Kuzma’s sweater choice. Michael and Michael recently wondered what was up with Kevin Durant’s ankles.

Episodes will break down sports games and share predictions. The hosts debated whether the Patriots are the greatest AFC team and if the Chiefs’ new defense will make a difference in the playoffs. Early in November, Michael and Michael unpacked the Golden State Warriors’ start in the NBA this season, and in another episode, discussed the Rams’ trade for Von Miller and Derrick Henry’s injury. The hosts weighed Odell Beckham Jr.’s options before he signed with the Rams.

Recent episodes discussed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the three men found guilty in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

A fun episode topic contemplated if your neighbors know you’re stealing their wifi. In October, the hosts explored the invention of robo-umpires, and how this would impact MLB.

If you’re into the podcast, check out the live version of “Brother from Another” on the NBC Sports Peacock channel Monday through Friday from 3pm – 5pm ET. New episodes of the “Brother from Another” podcast are posted weekly, so tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘Brother from Another’

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