Country lover must-listen: Kacey Musgraves, Sheryl Crow, and more share the stories behind the Willie Nelson songs they love on ‘One By Willie’

Music May 21, 2022
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Every week, Texas Monthly’s John Spong speaks with one notable Willie Nelson fan about a Willie Nelson song they love. Singers, songwriters, producers, and bonafide superstars join John on “One By Willie” to have intimate conversations about the one Willie song that means the most to them. From Willie’s own daughters, Amy and Paula, to icons like Kacey Musgraves who have duet-ed with him, “One By Willie” is always more than just one song.

This Texas Monthly podcast just embarked on its third season. It’s now over 20 episodes long (the seasons are kept short), with most episodes clocking in at no longer than 30 minutes. You can start streaming this podcast from any episode, whether you’re drawn to your favorite Willie Nelson song or favorite country artist, the listening order does not matter!

Hear Sheryl Crow talk about perhaps Willie’s most famous single, “Crazy,” as she walks John through how to write pop standard. Hear from Lee Ann Womack about the deep cut off Willie’s debut album “Three Days,” which prompts her to discuss the difference between Texas country music and all other country music.

Second-generation country music royalty Roseanne Cash even hops on to talk about one of Willie’s earliest songs “Night Life.” She and John talk about the nostalgic ’60s Willie sound as well as country artists, much like Willie and her father, who grew up during the Great Depression and the profound effect it had on the genre. She also shows us her favorite version of Willie’s popular song, covered by none other than Aretha Franklin.

Hear Kacey Musgraves talk about the deep cut “Are You Sure,” one of Willie’s first songs recorded in Nashville and even more popularized when the two sang a duet of it for her 2015 album. Other guests on this podcast include Vince Gill, Shakey Graves, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, and many more. There’s also plenty of stories of Willie passing someone a blunt or two backstage.

For any country music fan, this podcast is required listening. Anyone who enjoys music podcasts like “Cocaine & Rhinestones” and “Switched On Pop,” or other Texas Monthly podcasts like “America’s Girls” or “Tom Brown’s Body” is destined to be obsessed with this podcast. Heartfelt, nostalgic, and filled to the brim with talent, “One By Willie” cannot be missed.

Listen to ‘One By Willie’


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