Three cheers for sweet My Chemical Romance podcasts & episodes – 6 shows that give ’em hell

Music May 23, 2022

If you’re hyped by My Chemical Romance’s return, tour, and new single “The Foundations of Decay,” sink your teeth into these 6 podcasts and episodes. Tune in for 2 interviews with Gerard Way where he chats about music, his horror and sci-fi influences, and The Umbrella Academy – just to name a few topics. On a podcast episode from March 2022, Frank Iero talked about starting in New Jersey‘s local punk scene, finding his way to My Chem, early tour memories, and so much more.

My Chemical Romance shared some of their favorite songs in a throwback podcast episode from 2011 with picks ranging from Queen to M.I.A. There are podcasts by and for music fans like “Finding Emo.” “My Chemical Fancast” chronicles the band’s catalogue and pop culture influence. Check ’em out and carry on!

My Turning Point podcast art

My Turning Point

Listen to Gerard Way on ‘My Turning Point’

In October 2021, Gerard Way joined host Steve Baltin on an episode of “My Turning Point” to talk about the band’s groundbreaking release, The Black Parade. They discussed the band’s reunion, upcoming shows, and Gerard talked about his solo album, Hesitant Alien. Gerard told Steve about his long friendship with The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan. Gerard also talked about writing comics, adapting The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, and what he thinks about Dave Chapelle.

The First Ever Podcast

Listen to Frank Iero on ‘The First Ever Podcast’

In March 2022, host Jeremy Bolm interviewed Frank Iero on “The First Ever Podcast” for an awesome 85-minute convo. He answered podcast subscribers’ questions and chatted about finding his way to New Jersey’s local punk scene, starting with drums, then moving to guitar.

Frank reminisced about first getting connected to My Chem, early tour memories, and added pressures when the band was later writing The Black Parade. He dissected “Helena’s” chorus and experiences working with Geoff Rickly, Rob Cavallo, and Ross Robinson. Frank also talked about his solo projects, living in LA, and more.

My Chemical Fancast

Listen to ‘My Chemical Fancast’

“My Chemical Fancast” is by and for diehard fans! Episodes chronicle MCR’s entire career and deep-dive into their records. Their most recent episode covered “The Foundations of Decay” and wondered if mortality is at the top of everyone’s minds. There are also episodes on the band members’ projects outside of MCR – check out episodes on The Umbrella Academy, Frank Iero’s 2000s band Pencey Prep, and a Comic Con Gerard attended a few years back. There are also episodes on MCR’s cultural impact.

Celebrity Playlist Podcast

Listen to ‘Celebrity Playlist Podcast’

In 2011, MCR shared some their favorite songs and talked about why they picked them on “Celebrity Playlist Podcast.” They shared classics from Queen, Morrissey, Lush, and some contemporary songs from Weezer, M.I.A., and more.

Finding Emo podcast art

Finding Emo

Listen to ‘Finding Emo’

“Finding Emo” celebrates the genre’s beloved records, songwriting, musicianship, and production, so they naturally, covered Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. From the songs to the swag to the lyrics, makeup, and more, this episode unpacks the album that truly encapsulated the genre. If you’re an emo music super-fan, we’d recommend checking out the podcast’s 50+ episodes on records from Paramore, Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie, and more.

The Boo Crew podcast art

The Boo Crew

Listen to Gerard Way on ‘The Boo Crew’

Gerard dropped by “The Boo Crew” in 2018 to talk about horror, sci-fi, vampires, and his undying love of coffee. They get into music, the supernatural, ouija boards, haunted studios, The Umbrella Academy, and more in this rad, 45-minute interview. For more with “The Boo Crew,” check out Podsauce’s interview with one of the hosts, Trevor Shand.


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