The ‘New Day’ podcast speaks with death doulas, mental health advocates, and more on how to live a more fulfilling life

Health & Fitness February 10, 2022
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“New Day” is a podcast that is trying to find one little way to change your life every day. From setting healthy boundaries to reconnecting with old friends, making time for hobbies and passion again, “New Day” is providing space to reflect and learn. Host Claire Bidwell Smith is helping us remember how to wholeheartedly embrace life even in the face of loss.

“New Day” is a weekly podcast that releases new episodes every Wednesday. Launching in September of 2021, it is only about 20 episodes deep so far, but we are anticipating many more. Episodes are around 40 minutes long and filled with tips and actionable ideas for ways to lead a more fulfilling life. Smith’s ultra-soothing voice is a weekly gift that will have you looking forward to your Wednesdays.

What makes “New Day” different from other self-help podcasts is that Smith doesn’t make us feel like we have to change. Instead, we can take from each episode whatever we want, even if it’s just the knowledge that fulfillment is not an unattainable goal.

Topics so far have included self-compassion, forgiving people who perhaps don’t deserve it (but it’s better than clinging to a grudge), using your voice for social change, and surviving difficult years. Some guests and episodes are sure standouts, like the podcast’s third episode “How Do I Live Presently and Die Gracefully? with Alua Arthur.” Arthur is a death doula who has helped many people with their end-of-life planning and tying up any loose ends that may prevent them from passing peacefully. She guides people through the emotional, practical, legal, and spiritual issues that come with the end of one’s life.

Hear her speak with Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, about breaking the cycle of generational trauma. From addiction and mental illness to growing up in the public eye, she speaks about the good and bad that you inherit from family and explores breaking the patterns you want broken. Since 2016, Lourd has been grieving the sudden losses of her mother and grandmother and has been working to preserve their memories within herself.

Guests like comedian Jen Curran speak about what happens when the life plan becomes derailed, and Dr. BJ Miller, who lost both of his legs and most of one arm in an accident, speak about accepting our bodies and living alongside fear. Smith has discussed the effect of the pandemic on mental health with 21-year-old mental health advocate Lily Cornell Silver, daughter of the late musician Chris Cornell.

“New Day” is Lemonada’s newest mental health podcast, and Smith doesn’t shy away from asking the uncomfortable questions. With a weekly practice portion of each episode, we are given a chunk of time to focus on a mindful exercise midway through the week.

Listen to ‘New Day’

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