If you need a scripted escape, check out these 7 new fiction podcasts to stream this spring featuring A-list voices

Fiction April 15, 2022

There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned, audio drama. And podcasting’s fiction genre only continues to expand and rope in television and Hollywood talent. Fictional podcasts are the ultimate story-telling machine when done right, letting us close our eyes and be transported to new worlds. So, we’ve gathered some of the best new fiction podcasts for you to stream this spring.

From new additions to the sci-fi genre with podcasts like “SOLAR” to raunchy murder-mysteries featuring stellar casts like “Bone Marry Bury” to a classic dystopian future in “Impact Winter,” this list has hours of listening for you to indulge.

And with the talents of people like Manny Jacinto, Jameela Jamil, Sarah Hyland, and even the executive producers of The Walking Dead, you know you’re in for a treat with these new fiction podcasts.

Marigold Breach podcast art

Marigold Breach

Listen to ‘Marigold Breach’

The Good Place costars Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto have reunited in the new Realm sci-fi podcast, “Marigold Breach.” When Lucan (voiced by Jacinto) finds himself crash landed on a new planet, he also finds himself without any memories of who he is.

All he has is his name, his rank, and a sentient AI implant keeping him alive: Ven (voiced by Jamil). Together, the two must navigate this unknown planet, protect its civilians from dangerous forces, and find out where they came from. But it may be Ven who has the most threatening secret of all.

American Hostage podcast art

American Hostage

Listen to ‘American Hostage’

Jon Hamm stars in Wondery’s “American Hostage,” based on the true story of radio DJ Fred Heckman, who was an integral part of a 63-hour taken hostage situation in 1977. Tony Kiritsis took his mortgage broker Richard O. Hall hostage in Kiritsis’ home, wiring a sawed-off shotgun to the back of Hall’s head and connecting a dead man’s line to his own neck.

During this standoff, Kiritsis demanded a live interview on-air with Heckman on his WIBC station. Throughout its 8 episodes, “American Hostage” provides a dramatized take on the situation. The first six episodes of this podcast are free, and the final two require a Wondery+ subscription to listen.

Let’s Make A Sci-Fi

Listen to ‘Let’s Make A Sci-Fi’

So it’s not exactly a fiction podcast, but it is three comedians trying to write a science-fiction TV pilot. “Let’s Make A Sci-Fi” is a CBC podcast where comedians Ryan Beil, Maddy Kelly, and Mark Chavez, who have only ever written for comedy shows, attempt to write a very serious sci-fi show. Along with help from established sci-fi producers, directors, and actors like Rainn Wilson, can these three do it? Or will their own hilarity stand in their way?

The Burned Photo

Listen to ‘The Burned Photo’

A good, old-fashioned, multi-generational curse? Sign us up! QCODE’s “The Burned Photo” follows Felicia and Kira as they race to end a curse that threatens to end both of their family lineages. In this podcast’s new, second season, the two women dive even deeper into the origins of the curse which involves the mysterious 18th-century sorcerer, Doctor Joachim. Will Felicia and Kira live long enough to discover where this curse came from?

Bone Marry Bury

Listen to ‘Bone Marry Bury’

Starring Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, “Bone Marry Bury” is a reverse, raunchy whodunnit following 26-year-old Allie’s (Hyland) life as told by her best friend Gabe (Harvey Guillén). In the first episode, they attend a New Year’s Eve party, and Abbie is just hoping that 2022 is even marginally better than 2021.

Little does she know, she meets three men that night that she will either bone, marry, and bury in the calendar year. Along with other characters voiced by Josie Totah, Frankie Jonas, and even Trixie Mattel, this RomComPods and Dear Media podcast can’t be missed.

SOLAR podcast art


Listen to ‘SOLAR’

Aethon crew members must fight for survival when the solar research probe sent to explore the sun suddenly turns into a death trap. Separated from life on Earth and trapped in seperate parts of the spacecraft, “SOLAR” explores the “vastness of the human spirit.”

As crew members find answers, more questions arise, and they must dig into painful pasts in order to even have a future. Stephanie Beatriz, Tony Award-winner Alan Cumming, Academy Award-winner Helen Hunt, and Jonathan Bangs all star in this CurtCo Media podcast.

Impact Winter

Listen to ‘Impact Winter’

It’s been seven years since a comet collided with Earth and plunged it into darkness. In this frozen near-future, beastly creatures have emerged and roam the planet. A band of survivors has formed in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle.

Darcy, a battle-tested vampire hunter, leads this resistance to save humanity. But her younger sister, Hope, just wants life to return to normal, and she is willing to risk it all. “Impact Winter” is an Audible Original created by the executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham, the writer of Pacific Rim.


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