Lance Bass, ‘Laguna Beach,’ and more: 14 podcasts with new content getting 2023 off to a strong start

round up January 25, 2023

We’ve rounded up new podcasts and seasons of older favorites this January. Get the latest from musicians like Lance Bass and Moby on their respective podcasts. There are new true crime series exploring how the FBI infiltrated a militia group, examining hate crimes, cases sharing common themes, and Jonelle Matthews’ story from 1984.

Check out a self-improvement podcast sharing tips for 2023, inspiring conversations led by Hoda Kotb, and a series from the former Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison. Scroll through to tune into our complete streaming guide this month.

Moby Pod

Listen to ‘Moby Pod’

Multi-hyphenate artist Moby is sharing personal and professional on his new podcast about everything from music to animal activism, politics, mental health, and much more. On episodes, he’ll share about curing panic attacks with his own music, touring with David Bowie, passion for tea, and world perspectives. Tune in semiweekly for new episodes.

The Statue

The Statue

Listen to ‘The Statue’

WHYY’s new podcast, “The Statue,” shares the history of “the most famous Philadelphian who never lived,” Rocky Balboa. Tune in to find out why the statue was created in 1981, hear real-life stories of Philly boxers, and learn about the significance behind this monument that commemorates the fictional character.

Truth and Lies: The Informant

Truth and Lies: The Informant

Listen to ‘Truth and Lies: The Informant’

In “Truth and Lies: The Informant,” journalist Dick Lehr explores how the FBI infiltrated a militia group in Kansas and helped stop an attack. This attack would have been more devastating than the Oklahoma City bombing. Stream all 5 episodes from the beginning.

The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison

The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Listen to ‘The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever’

The former Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison leads “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever” to spill on everything from his real life to the “fantasy suites and dumpster fires” he experienced from his time with Bachelor Nation. Harrison will also share about relationships, dating, marriage, love, loss, and more topics where “his nightmares, his lessons, and all that wisdom are now your gain.”

Operation: Tradebom

Operation: Tradebom

Listen to ‘Operation: Tradebom’

Apple TV’s “Operation: Tradebom” discusses the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in downtown Manhattan, which at the time, was the largest explosive device set off in America. Stream all 9 episodes from the beginning to learn about the case from investigators and more with host Marc Smerling.

Frosted Tips with Lance Bass

Listen to ‘Frosted Tips with Lance Bass’

NSYNC alum Lance Bass is joined by his husband Michael to chat with guests and friends on “Frosted Tips.” They’re talking about parenting, relationships, marriage, and life along the way. Past guests have included JC Chasez and NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight.



Listen to ‘Suspect’

Suspect” is back for a new season, “Vanished in the Snow.” In 1984, 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews disappeared, and her case ran cold. In 2019, Matthews’ remains were found near the Rocky Mountains, and an arrest was made. This series details the investigation, new details, and interviews with Matthews’ friends and family.

The Comb

Listen to ‘The Comb’

BBC World Service’s “The Comb” returned for a new season hosted by Kim Chakanetsa this January. Episodes share personal stories from Africa about the “unseen forces that bind us together and tear us apart.”

The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Listen to ‘The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos’

This season of “The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos” encourages your inner voice to be heard in 2023. Dr. Santos will interview experts to help listeners get in touch with their intuition and use this to approach happiness, work, and nutrition this year.

Making Space with Hoda Kotb

Making Space with Hoda Kotb

Listen to ‘Making Space with Hoda Kotb’

“Making Space with Hoda Kotb” has a third season rolling out this month. Tune in for inspiring conversations about self-discovery, resilience, and the human spirit with guests like Wynonna Judd, Cece Winans, and Mel Robbins.



Listen to ‘BINGED’

“BINGED” examines cases in mini series arcs that share similarities. From internet killers to realtors who targeted their clients, and serial killers who were raised in the same neighborhood, this true crime series is sure to terrify. The podcast is hosted by Payton Moreland who also co-hosts “Murder with My Husband.”

Invisible Hate

Listen to ‘Invisible Hate’

Thousands of hate crimes happen every year, but few are reported and even fewer are prosecuted. “Invisible Hate” is investigating why and detailing these crimes motivated by hatred, race, sexual orientation, or religion, often targeting minorities. Hosts Saadia Khan and Asad Butt dive into cases each episode and discuss if each cases can be considered a hate crime. This series is presented by Rifelion Media & Immigrantly.

Not Lost

Not Lost

Listen to ‘Not Lost’

iHeartPodcasts and Pushkin present “Not Lost,” a podcast where journalist Brendan travels and learns more about people by getting invited to strangers’ homes for dinner. He’s joined by friends for each trip from Montréal to Mexico City.

Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen podcast art

Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen

Listen to ‘Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen’

“Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen” is back for another season. The Laguna Beach alum are rewatching the series and chatting about their most memorable moments with guests each episode.

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