Made fresh: 7 new podcasts to indulge in this weekend

round up July 30, 2021

From comedy podcasts to pop culture news, there are a variety of new podcasts to listen to beat the heat this summer. Whether you’re listening on vacation or working, these podcasts will keep you company. Perhaps you’ll learn something new.

We’ve selected some culture podcasts, a history podcast, and some non-fiction podcasts to indulge in. 

America’s Forgotten Heroes

Listen to ‘America’s Forgotten Heroes’

Relive the past in The Daily Wire’s “America’s Forgotten Heroes.” Hosted by Bill Whittle, this podcast has been a top charter since its first episode was released last week. Some of these stories might have been left out of our required readings for history class in school.  

We’ll learn about heroes’ accomplishments of willpower, strength, and courage.

For instance, in the Booker T. Washington episode, we learn about how he was born into slavery. Consequently, he searched for education and freedom. Excerpts from his autobiography are shared. The stories he shares become his version of an instruction manual on how to become a person. He overcame adversity and was the first black American invited to the White House for dinner. 

Moreover, we’ll hear about how Frank Luke was the second highest-scoring ace in World War One. We meet John Paul who was falsely accused of murder, added Jones to his last name, and sailed to Britain with his crew during the American Revolution. Jones was winning duels against the British Navy and refused to surrender. 

Pieces of Britney

Listen to ‘Pieces of Britney’

BBC Radio released an 8-part series about Britney Spears. Hosted by Pandora Sykes, each episode goes in chronological order of Britney’s life and career. The episodes walk through her start in showbiz and lead to her conservatorship. Sykes also investigates how women are treated by the entertainment industry and the media. In addition, if you’re interested in more podcasts about #FreeBritney, check our our complete list of Britney podcasts to stay informed.


Listen to ‘Distractible’

From QCODE’s Wood Elf comes “Distractible,” a comedy podcast hosted by Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes, and Bob Muyskens. For 3 years prior to this podcast, the hosts broadcasted live on Twitch. This show is a more organized version of the streams. Mark Fischbach also goes by the name of Markiplier while he creates on YouTube. “Distractible” centers on mainly humorous conversations about life. It doesn’t seem to matter what topic is selected, since the hosts run with it. For example, hosts traded ghost stories on the “Supernatural” episode. They geeked out about conventions, and discussed how technology blurs the line of reality.


Listen to ‘WILD’

WILD is created by LAist Studios. A podcast about origin stories and people from different upbringings, the episodes describe what people were going through during the pandemic. As a result, they experienced turning points in their lives that enabled growth. Host and New York Times writer Erick Galindo explores how times of change define us and why some of the most trying moments can alter the course of our lives forever. Season 1 interviews 10 people from diverse backgrounds. Each episode centers on a question: What does it mean to be home? Will I be a good parent? Will I be a good kid? The first episode focuses on Daisy and her time growing up in LA during the affordable housing crisis. 

Drama Queens

Listen to ‘Drama Queens’

From iHeartRadio comes “Drama Queens,” a new podcast hosted by Hilarie Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz. The stars from CW’s drama series One Tree Hill share behind-the-scenes stories, recap episodes, and offer advice. 

The World Beneath

Listen to ‘The World Beneath’

Imperative’s series outlines and reveals the underbelly of the world’s second economy. With intelligence setups and organized crime, this space is ruled by mobsters and spies. It capitalizes on human misery. 

Where Are All the Baby Pigeons?

Listen to ‘Where Are All the Baby Pigeons’

Are twins psychic? Is your phone listening to you at all times? Nova Podcasts’ “Where Are All the Baby Pigeons?” examines the burning questions we’ve been meaning to answer. Australian comedian Froomes hosts and invites guests to answer the question du jour. 

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