Hockey is just the tip of the iceberg on ‘In the Crease – The ESPN NHL Podcast with Linda Cohn & Emily Kaplan’

Sports January 28, 2022
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Having just joined Podsauce to talk all things hockey, Linda Cohn co-hosts ESPN’s “In The Crease,” the only official ESPN NHL podcast. Along with Emily Kaplan, the two discuss the latest news around the NHL, interviewing the biggest names on and off the ice. Not only do the two know their hockey, but they love their hockey, and it’s never more palpable than in this podcast.

“In The Crease” releases episodes every Monday and Thursday (unless there isn’t much news to share). Episodes are typically 30 minutes long and range from breaking news to deep dives on the league’s best players. The two are known for their in-depth stories on athletes and finding new angles to bring to hockey analysis.

Cohn has been with ESPN since 1992, serving as an anchor on SportsCenter. During her storied career, she has reported, commentated, interviewed, and called play-by-play for various leagues. Now, she hosts the ESPN+ show In The Crease five nights a week during the NHL season. She’s also an avid fan of all of the New York sports teams, and she’s finally found some peace in the hockey world as the New York Rangers are playing better than fans are used to.

Kaplan has been with ESPN since 2017 and has received acclaim for her reporting on the struggle with mental health within the NHL and players’ experiences with isolation and its accompanying anxieties during the COVID-19 pandemic seasons. “In The Crease” is a prime example of her reporting in this area.

“In The Crease – The ESPN NHL Podcast” is a bi-weekly snapshot of the entire league. If you’re looking for longform content, this is not the place, although they do dive into specific themes in each of their episodes. With players, they’ve discussed the NHL’s and Player’s Association’s decision to not send athletes to the 2022 Winter Olympics, growing the game of hockey, teams showing a late season spark, and even the Trifecta of Tampa Bay, Tom Brady, and Taylor Swift. Still working out how they all fit together…

For all of our fellow hockey-lovers out there, be sure to tune into “In the Crease – The ESPN NHL Podcast” if you haven’t been listening already!

Listen to ‘In The Crease’

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