Nicole Richie, The Situation, and more: ‘Criminality’ is where reality TV and criminal activity intersects

True Crime November 22, 2021
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Meet us at the corner of reality TV and criminal activity with “Criminality.” Every other Friday, Melissa and Rebekah are bringing you the juicy stories from both worlds combined. They are sharing the true stories that the tabloids won’t tell you behind reality TV personalities that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Like our hosts said on this week’s episode of Podsauce, there is no murder here, but instead cases of fraud, scandal and more. It’s not all champagne problems with these stars, but it’s also not always as salacious as it seems. Something that “Criminality” prides itself on is humanizing it’s subjects, telling their real back stories leading up to the scandals they got wrapped up in.

From Mike “The Situation” of Jersey Shore to even Ryan Lochte getting caught in a lie at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the ladies meticulously research the cases and give background on the stars who were caught with a hand in the cookie jar. Learn about the life of Nicole Richie, the daughter of a musical legend who had to go through all of the good, bad and ugly of growing up in Hollywood.

Filled with actual case files and empathetic research, hear about what exactly went down in court. Like the tragic case of Bachelor Chris Soules’ accident that took another man’s life. The Bachelor Nation star known lovingly as Prince Farming was found guilty of fleeing the scene of a fatal traffic accident in Aurora, Iowa. While he was not charged with a DUI, court documents said he was in possession of alcoholic containers at the time of the crash. His lawyers managed to stall criminal proceedings, trying to keep a trial from happening at all and keep Soules’ reputation unmarred. But his day in court came.

Or the deeply buried, odd story that is Real Housewives of Orange County star Elizabeth Lyn Vargas-adjacent. After a strange confession she made to another housewife on the show, Rebekah dug deep and found strange stories about Elizabeth’s grandmother, Dorothy Mae Bell, and her leadership of two fringe family cults, with crimes including concealment of a dead body, and kidnapping charges.

Anything reality TV-adjacent will face it’s maker in “Criminality.” From the reality celebrities of Pawn Stars to the Kardashians, any of the Real Housewives to Olympic athletes, it’s not all champagne problems. Hear about the wild crimes that managed to evade the headlines and the true stories of the reality stars we’ve twisted into anti-heroes with “Criminality.”

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