How addictive is sugar? Do Ouija Boards work? Nikki Boyer dives into puzzling mysteries and sizzling hot topics on ‘Call Me Curious’

Society & Culture June 15, 2022
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Wondery’s “Call Me Curious” is unlocking life’s mysteries and answering major questions with host Nikki Boyer. Have you been wondering if you should get into crypto? Is sugar as addictive as cocaine? What’s the deal with intermittent fasting? In the era of constant connectivity and information overload, Nikki is sifting through the facts and digging into hot topics with guests.

Since March, the series has released weekly episodes less than 40 minutes each. Start the series in any order, focusing on different questions and guests each episode.

The first episode explored the age-old question: can foods stimulate sexual desire? Nikki’s friend Mr. Malone joined her quest for answers in this episode all about aphrodisiacs. On the intermittent fasting episode, Nikki hung out with Dr. Ethan Weiss. Nikki has tried just about every diet out there and is wondering if intermittent fasting is backed by science. Besides Dr. Weiss, Nikki is joined by another guest who explains the weight-loss success stories seen from people eating during only certain hours of the day.

Nikki broke out the Ouija Board with Mr. Malone for an episode interviewing a historian on the spirit summoning device. Mr. Malone considers himself an intuitive reader and realizes Ouija Boards have gotten a terrible reputation over the years.

Then, they chatted with a medium who believes Ouija Boards truly work. Mr. Malone was back on a recent episode wondering if zoos are bad for animals. They were joined by a zookeeper to explore if zoos are an “inhumane relic of the past” or if they are necessary components of education and conservation.

Nikki just hosted the second annual Awards for Excellence in Audio (The Ambies) with Ross Mathews on March 22. She previously hosted the podcasts “Dying for Sex” and “The Daily Smile.”

We recommend “Call Me Curious” for fans of “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” and fact-based podcasts like “Stuff to Blow Your Mind.”

Stoke your curiosity with new, weekly episodes of “Call Me Curious,” wherever you tune into your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Call Me Curious’

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