‘Norah Jones Is Playing Along’ in the studio with musicians like Jeff Tweedy, Mavis Staples, and more

Music October 17, 2022
Norah Jones is Playing Along
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Grammy Award-winning singer and pianist Norah Jones chats with guests and hosts impromptu musical collaborations on her new podcast. Each episode, Norah treats listeners to fascinating conversations with musicians from all genres, and you’ll get a front row seat to the music they create together.

Stream the series in any order with standalone episodes that run less than 90 minutes on average. Upcoming guests will include Mavis Staples and Marc Rebillet – just to name a few.

On the podcast, Norah explains that she is inspired by music collaborations, loves getting out of her comfort zone, circling back with past collaborators, and she appreciates all types of music. Fans of “Song Exploder” and “Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond” might also enjoy “Norah Jones Is Playing Along.”

Musician, songwriter, author, and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy joined Norah in the studio for episode 1. They duetted versions of Norah’s favorite songs from Jeff’s catalogue like “Jesus, Etc.,” “Muzzle of Bees,” and “Sunken Treasure.” The musicians then collaborated on a track called “I’m Alive.”

Jeff shared how music has morphed into a family hobby and what it takes to craft the ultimate setlist. He discussed his songwriting process and shared some tidbits from his book, How To Write One Song, and Norah said she learned from this wisdom since it differs from her songwriting. 

Norah and Jeff reminisced about a time when she fumbled the words to one of Jeff’s songs in person and shared some laughs. The two revisited history, examined how the pandemic affected their songwriting, answered questions like “whose career would you like to have?” and much more.

Tank and the Bangas’ front woman Tarriona “Tank” Ball joined the second episode. She started in New Orleans’ slam poetry scene and spoke about her early days on the podcast. Tank and Norah are “friend goals,” and their conversation covered love, writing, cooking, news, attending the Grammys, and more. The friends played updated versions of Tank’s songs, “Rollercoasters” and “Friend Goals.” Then, the duo collaborated with Norah on a song called “Playing Along” that sounds like an updated version of “Don’t Know Why.”

Check out new episodes of “Norah Jones is Playing Along” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Norah Jones Is Playing Along’

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